Social responsibility - using resources more efficiently
An Anglo American case study

Page 1: Introduction

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The challenge facing business and society in the 21st century is how to use resources more efficiently. Every business large or small needs to consider carefully: how to reduce its use of energy how to minimise waste. The central economic problem is how to match finite resources with unlimited wants. With the demand for resources rising as the world economy grows this is becoming more of...
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Page 2: Aims and objectives

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Businesses need to have clear aims to work towards. Aims are the long term intentions of a business. They provide a focus for its activities. Anglo American”s aims are clearly set out in its mission. The aims involve a triple bottom line. Anglo American”s “triple bottom line” measures its economic, social and environmental performance. Anglo American seeks to balance the...
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Page 3: SMART objectives

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Businesses need to set out their objectives in ways that are clear and easy to measure. Using SMART objectives makes it easy to assess whether targets have been met. Specific relating to clearly identifiable targets, for example, to be the “partner of choice” for governments. Measurable set out in ways that can be measured. Examples include cost reductions, waste reductions or...
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Page 4: Strategy

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Aims and objectives set out the ends that firms are seeking to achieve. A strategy is the medium- to long-term plan by which the aims and objectives are met. Anglo American”s strategy is to create ways of working within the company that focus on sustainable development and balancing the triple bottom line. Values Anglo American has six guiding values. The values help to create a...
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Page 5: Tactics

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Strategies are the big plans of an organisation. Tactics are the shorter term plans and activities which a firm puts in place to implement its strategy. Anglo American implements activities which are designed to enable better use of resources, leading to greater efficiency and sustainable practice. Examples of these include: The development of two mine-gas power stations in Australia...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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Anglo American aims to be the world”s leading global mining company. It wants to be the investment partner and employer of choice. It seeks to achieve this in a number of ways. It has to make sure that its work is carried out in the best possible way. It also seeks to have the top quality mines for products that are most sought after. This is supported by a resolute commitment to the highest...
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