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ATS integrated social media recruiting the ultimate tool to hire top talent faster

With every recruiter making social media a part of their recruitment process, what are you doing differently to attract top talent? The war for top industry talent is fierce, so if you are not quick and competitive enough then be prepared to lose out on top choice candidates consistently.

Social media recruitment surely gives you instant access to a massive user base but then again, it demands a ton of your time and tremendous effort in screening high-quality candidates on different networking platforms.

Fortunately, your social media recruitment efforts can be automated in an instant with an applicant tracking system. With an ATS, you won’t have to spend hours posting jobs manually, go crazy downloading resumes in different formats or get drained screening relevant profiles. So, before you lose your patience and your persistence runs out, make the recruitment process easy and efficient with applicant tracking system.

This infographic tells you how every step of the recruitment process that takes you hours can be completed in a matter of minutes. Know how you can boost your efficiency without losing your sanity and stay focused on doing what you’re meant to do – interviewing!

With ATS integrated social media recruiting, you won’t have to worry about your competitor’s snatching away your potential employees. It will automate every step right from sourcing to onboarding, maximizing your work efficiency and helping you stay focused on hiring better quality candidates.

ATS integrated social media recruiting will enable you to expand your reach, hire better and faster, boost your brand awareness, keep your candidates engaged and accelerate your time to hire – all of this without making you feel downright overwhelmed, mentally drained and physically exhausted.

So learn how you can free yourself from the hassles of posting, screening, sorting, sharing, and reporting and still stay accessible, responsive and productive enough to hit your hiring goals month on month with this infographic.

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