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Ways to get lots of likes on Instagram

How to get likes on Instagram is quite easy as long as the method and process are correct. It does not require fees or applications. All can be done easily as long as we already have an Instagram account. Once we post a photo or video, we will see how many likes we will get, one alternative is the buying of Instagram likes to help you get started.

 It seems there is no meaning in the number of likes. But, for people who sell good products or services via Instagram, the number of likes will be very meaningful. The higher the amount, the higher the profit potential that will be obtained. For those of us who have Instagram just to connect with many people, the number of likes will make us proud. Means, many of our posts like.

Here is a method to get lots of likes on Instagram.

Preparation phase

Simple, our preparations are only photos or videos, however, not just any photo/video if you want to get lots of likes. First, choose your best photo. Selfie photos with interesting backgrounds will get attention like beautiful background scenes such as mountains, forests, waterfalls, beaches, and others. If we rarely travel, just everyday photos but with a unique angle will produce interesting photos as well.

If we feel the shots are not good, we can use the photo editor application. We can use applications such as Picsart or Snapseed through our smartphone. Through a PC, we can use Photoshop. The result will make our photos cooler and lively.

Photo Upload Stage

After we prepare our best photos/videos, it’s time to post photos. Now, to get a lot of likes, posting on Instagram also has to use special tricks. Here’s how!

Before uploading, we must ensure that our photos are not only seen by our followers, but also by people who use the search menu on Instagram. These people are great potential likes. They search for photos using hashtags followed by keywords.

So, add a hashtag to your photo/video post. We have the opportunity to add 30 hashtags, but some unique and most used hashtags are enough on Instagram. For example, if we upload a photo of a pet cat, we can use the hashtag #pet, #lovelycats, #Persian cats, #cute pets, and others. How to get more likes on Instagram will make each of our posts flooded with likes?

On Instagram, we can also look for hashtags that are popular right now. Now, use the hashtag so that the photo/video of our post appears, even though it may be less relevant to our post. The solution, use a neutral but popular hashtag like #likeforlike or # like4like. Indeed, not all people who see will immediately like, but some give it to us.

Unique and Upload Captions

If the photos/videos are ready to be loaded, make sure we add interesting captions. Something meaningful and inspiring or motivating tends to be liked more than an ordinary caption. For example, we upload a background image of a natural landscape in the form of a waterfall and we sit on the edge. Compare the following two captions: “The most beautiful waterfall, when are you here?” or “The roar of this waterfall is not worth the roar of my heart when I remember you.” Be creative and photos will be flooded with likes.

Interact with Followers

After uploading photos, we can’t wait for many likes to arrive. First, we must be more active on Instagram. Give likes to the photos of our followers. Don’t forget to give positive comments. Just ” nice capture” and like on a photo will have a positive impact on our posts. They will also try to open our photos and give likes and comments back. In short, this is a symbiosis of mutualism. And this must be done continuously so that our relationship with followers and commenters become close.

Likewise, our photos are given comments. Give a positive reply. Just a thank you than giving a like back will increase the number of likes on our photo.

Set the Photo / Video Upload Rhythm

To be able to like a lot on Instagram, we have to show our existence on social media on this one. Posting photos/videos is a must. However, for the sake of likes, we must do more than just upload.

Some people are new to Instagram, so they want to show their existence, they upload photos/videos quite often with very short time lags. We have come across Instagram accounts that upload photos 30 times in just one day. Indeed, it will be able to like, but the results will be different if we adjust the rhythm of our uploads. Instead of being too frequent, it’s better to set a time delay. For example, we upload photos for 2 or 3 hours. If too many photos feed on our followers, they will be bored.

Diligently Giving Likes and Comments on Unknown Accounts

The more active we are on Instagram, the more visible our existence will be. The easiest way is to frequently browse photos that match our interests and tastes. Enter keywords that we want, and we will see many photos that are relevant to the search. Open and give likes and comments. If necessary, we can open their account and like other photos. The more accounts that are opened and given alike, we will get a like back on the photos that we upload.

Many likes cannot be obtained overnight. Those who already have thousands of likes and followers have had Instagram for a long time and regularly upload photos. If we can practice the whole way to get lots of likes on Instagram above, we are not only flooded with likes but also have many followers.

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