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7 things you can do to get more followers on Instagram accounts in the UK

Having a substantial number of Instagram followers is one of the best signs that your brand promotion is working. If you want to build on that success, you need to ensure that those followers meet top-quality standards. In this regard, you cannot go wrong with getting more followers on Instagram accounts in the UK.

Here are 7 things that you can do to easily get more people in your Instagram following list:

1.     Find out who your audience is

If you have had your Instagram account for a while, you must have attracted the attention of some users in your niche. They may not be many, but their interaction with your profile is a clear indicator of the kind of accounts in the UK that you need to build on for more visibility.

Use the Instagram Analytics tools to find out who your followers are and where they come from. Focus especially on the accounts from the United Kingdom, if there is where you want to increase the popularity of your brand. Check out their preferences and when they are most likely to use the app to tweak your content and posting schedule accordingly.

2.     Get the best out of your hashtags

This study shows that more than 50% of Instagram accounts use the “explore” option every day. These people look for the things that they are most interested in, and they do so with the use of hashtags.

That’s right! The oldest Instagram feature is still one of the best, user-friendly options that the app has to offer. You can count on it to get more followers for your profile and enhance your audience steadily. Each one of your posts should include most of these hashtags:

  • One containing your brand name
  • One containing your brand logo
  • One containing your location
  • One containing a relevant concept for your brand
  • At least three hashtags that are highly popular in your niche

3.     Post only high-quality content

If you know who your audience is, and you effectively use hashtags to enhance it, you are on a sure path to Instagram success.

However, there are still many things that you can do to get more followers on Instagram accounts in the UK. One of them is to ensure that you always post high-quality content. You can never make an exception from this rule.

Check out your competitors, and the type of content that they promote. If they are more successful than your IG account, try emulating their style. Post similar photos and videos, and add your special touch that makes your brand unique and original.

4.     Work with social media experts

One of the best ways of getting more followers on your Instagram account in the United Kingdom is to work with social media experts https://instagrowing.net/buy-instagram-followers-uk/.

The Instagram followers in the United Kingdom are some of the best accounts that you can have in your following list. They are active, provide high-quality and increase your social proof quickly.

Furthermore, it is one of the easiest ways of increasing your audience with top-level quality IG followers in United Kingdom. Moreover, it is affordable and completely safe for your Instagram account.

But if you need to get followers super-fast, then there are tips at Mentalitch on how to get them in 24 hours.

5.     Cross-promote on other social media networks

Instagram attracts more than 1 billion people every month. It may seem like all the internet users out there are on IG day in and day out. Of course, that could not be true. There are many more using other social media platforms, and they can become a gold mine of potential followers if you know how to use them.

If you have an Instagram account in the UK and you want to get more followers for it, you only need to publish your IG post on other networks as well. Every time you upload a new photo, video or Instagram story, make sure that you also post a link to it on Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat and even on YouTube.

This way, you get to reach a new audience that maybe is not yet aware of your Instagram activity.

6.     Host giveaway contests

Another easy way to increase your number of UK followers on Instagram is to host giveaway contests. People appreciate the chance of getting a product or a service for free, and this marketing technique is easy to use for grabbing their attention.

 Decide on one of your products or services that you are willing to give free of charge. Post a contest on your profile, and ask users to share your latest photo on their accounts. The winner gets the giveaway. In exchange, your posts will arrive in the feeds of new, potential followers.

7.     Ask your UK followers for help

Last, but not least, if you want more UK followers for your Instagram account, you should ask your fans for help. Reach out to the admirers in your list and ask them to tag their UK friends in your posts. This way, you are sure that more real users from that area will visit your account and watch your posts. With a bit of luck, they may decide to follow you, as well.

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