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Everyone enjoys vacations to far-flung corners of the globe, but the problem with this is getting there. Typically, international vacations mean spending hours and hours aboard long-distance flights, milling around waiting for connecting flights, and jetlag. However, we’ve consulted a host of experts and they’ve provided us with their best long-haul flight survival tips to ensure that your holiday isn’t ruined before it even starts!

Don’t Skip the Carbs

According to a recent study, carbohydrate-rich foods such as pasta, whole-grain bread, and oatmeal assist in getting over jetlag quicker. The study explains that higher levels of insulin make it easier for the body to transition from one sleep schedule to another and as foods rich in carbohydrates induce insulin secretion, we suggest ignoring your diet on your next long-haul flight and tucking into that carbonara.

Snack Attack

While you’re probably more worried about keeping yourself entertained for hours or how you’re going to get any sleep, you should also be worried about not being hungry. While your long-distance flights may include more than one meal, you’re likely to get hungry in between meals and we don’t suggest tucking into any of the incredibly expensive in-flight snacks on offer. Instead, pack snacks rich in protein, as they will keep you fuller for longer.

Hydration is Essential

Long-distance air travel is incredibly dehydrating and you should make sure to drink water and drinks high in electrolytes throughout the flight while enjoying Australian online pokies. Don’t wait until you’re already thirsty, as dehydration has likely already set in. While you may end up getting up a bit more often to use the facilities, this is far more preferable than the health risks posed by dehydration.

Minimise Alcohol and Caffeine Intake

There is simply no point in drinking plenty of water and electrolyte-laden drinks if you’re just going to cancel it out by drinking alcohol and caffeine. Both will act as a stimulant making it more difficult to get proper rest and will increase your chances of becoming dehydrated, as they are both diuretics.

Get Comfy

While some don’t even consider the physical pains and ailments you may develop during a long-haul flight, it’s nevertheless important to take precautions. Developing deep vein thrombosis is a risk on long-distance flights and it’s a good idea to minimise this risk by wearing loose-fitting and comfortable clothing, walking up and down the aisles, stretching your legs to encourage blood flow, and staying hydrated.

Peaceful Sleep

If you’re a light sleeper, you will likely have a lot of trouble getting any sleep on a long-distance flight. The combination of the chatter of others, the lights, the sounds, and potential interruptions are all the enemy of restful sleep and this will likely make the flight even more uncomfortable. As such, we’ve put together a long-haul flight sleep kit:

  • Earplugs
  • Eye-mask
  • Neck pillow
  • Lightweight blanket (if not offered in-flight)
  • A sleep aid

Hopefully, we’ve made your next long-distance flight a little more comfortable!

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