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UK MPs want a £2 stake limit on online slot machines

British players can gamble securely at online casinos licensed by the UK GC. They can spin the reels of online slot machines knowing that the regulatory body makes sure that casinos don’t cheat players by inflating the house edge. They can also rely upon the assistance provided by organizations specialized in helping players struggling with addiction. In spite of these safeguards, UK members of Parliament feel that further measures need to be taken to protect players. The idea of limiting online slot machines to a maximum £2 stake is on the table and it has already generated mixed reactions from players and casinos.

Why a £2 stake limit is being considered?

Limiting the amount consumers are allowed to bet when playing online slots is not a new idea, but one that has gained a lot of traction in recent months. Neil McArthur, chief executive of the Gambling Commission responded to the parliamentary committee that proposed these changes. The decision to reduce the maximum amounts to a £2-per-bet limit to online slot games isn’t random or arbitrary. This is how much punters are allowed to bet when spinning the reels of the slots in high street betting shops.

Head of Marketing at newbingosites.net said; “It would only force players to bet on unregulated offshore slot sites.”

Over the last two decades, punters have migrated heavily to online casinos and there are significantly more people playing slots over the Internet than in land-based locations. In fact, there are so many online casino enthusiasts, that the MPs are concerned that the UK’s on the verge of a public health crisis. They fear that gambling addiction could lead to disastrous effects if players are allowed to bet larger amounts on slots. Such a measure has the support of members of the parliament from all parties and with the assistance of the Gambling Commission it should become a law soon enough.

What are the effects of a £2 stake limit?

The members of the parliament who came up with this proposition claim that limiting the maximum stakes will protect vulnerable punters. By only allowing them to bet smaller amounts per round, online casinos will prevent players from losing larger sums over a short period of time.The £2 stake limit on the other hand, isn’t exactly low if we consider the high speed at which online slots are being played. Most of them even have an autoplay feature that allows punters to play many rounds automatically.

Fixed odds betting terminals rely solely on luck, so players have no control over the outcome. The prospect of winning progressive jackpots, as well as the sheer fun of playing slots has an irresistible appeal for many players. Some people get carried away and when provided with the opportunity to bet larger amounts, they don’t shy away. The members of the parliament advising on the Gambling Act review claim that by taking swift action, they can protect the most vulnerable players from harm.

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