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Baccarat Game Odds

Baccarat odds translate to the chances you have in winning the game. Live dealer baccarat has low house edge which makes them one of the best in casino gambling. Baccarat gaming is pretty easy and there are three options in placing your bets where you only make a choice of one.

The reason for the baccarat rules is to create a minimal and measurable house edge for the player, as well as, the banker bets and an edge higher for the tie bets. The odds in baccarat are highly favourable to many players; the banker house edge is 1.06% while the player house edge is 1.36%. On the other hand tie bets have a higher house edge of about 14.4%. This tie edge has a catch as it can pay up to 9 times more than what the player and banker bets can play.

For a player to win in baccarat the odds are 44.62% while for his chance to lose would be 45.85%. For a tie, the probability would be 9.53%; if you disregard the chance to get a tie, the baker will have about 51% winning odds.

One reason that we believe that baccarat rules was made for the player is the small house edge and that the house earns from commissions that the player pays after winning on a banker hand which is usually 5% or less.

Even though ties pay out better, they are the worst bets one would take and the banker bets are the best even if a 5% commission is charged on a win. You might be in search of a trend by keeping track on the win and loss bets you make but this will not be effective since baccarat is a game of chance which makes predicting in this game absurd and irrelevant in the game. You might find card counting very effective in other live dealer games like blackjack but won’t be in baccarat.

In short, the odds you are to work with while playing baccarat are those of the banker, player and the tie; the rest is left to chance.

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