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If you’re the proud owner of a new business, you likely don’t have the resources to hire a specialised company to create your business website. Fortunately, we live in the golden age of information and you’ll be able to create your own low-cost website in just a few easy steps. As most people make use of the Internet in order to search for products and services, it’s important that you have a mobile optimised website in order to introduce potential customers to what your business is all about. Here’s how to create a business website.

Register the Domain Name

The domain name of your website is essentially the address which people navigate to in order to view your website, such as www.yourwebsite.com. Choosing the domain name is an important part of your business website as it should ideally be easy to remember and not too long. However, you’ll first have to ensure that your chosen domain is available, which you can check by using a domain search tool. Fortunately there are plenty of domain search tools available online.

Select a Hosting Provider

Once you’ve chosen your domain and established that it is available, you’ll have to decide on a website hosting service. The website host is a service which stores your website and makes it available to visitors online. The hosting service will cost a monthly or yearly fee, so just as you would with options for online roulette Australia you should do research ahead of time to ensure that you’re making use of a good one. Check with other business owners on who they recommend and do independent research as well.

Create Your Business Website Content

You can’t have a website without content, so this will need to be generated before you are able to launch your site. As the business owner, you are the expert on all things your business, but you may not be particularly good at putting those ideas into words. As such, generate content on the necessary topics and then get a well-versed friend or colleague to edit the content in order to make it accessible.

Design an Appealing Logo

Just like your domain name should be easy to remember, your logo should be eye-catching, original, and punchy. However, we don’t suggest attempting to create your own logo as this may cheapen the feel of your company –unless you’re a graphic designer of course. As a business owner, you will need to spend money to make money and you should approach a designer to create a logo that suits your business.

Design the Actual Website

The final stage of creating your business website is creating the actual website itself. Before getting started, envision what you want your website to look like and consider everything such as colours, fonts, graphics, images, interactive features, page structures, and copy. Make sure your site is suitable for the techy savvy and those that are less so, easy to navigate, and remember that less is more, especially when it comes to designing a website.

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