From ice cream van to Dragon's Den - Duncan Bannatyne
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Over the past 30 years Duncan Bannatyne has used his drive, ambition and skills to develop a business empire worth £310 million. The move from ice cream to care homes to the Bannatyne Health and Leisure chain reflects this entrepreneurial drive. He saw the potential for profits in each sector. He was willing to take risks, for example, by exiting profitable businesses like the care homes in order to maximise the opportunity of the new health club venture.

During his time in the Dragons' Den series, Duncan has invested in several entrepreneurs. He has provided venture capital and advice to help enterprise ideas develop into more profitable businesses. He only invests when there is a potential 20-25% return on capital and evidence of the entrepreneur's clear commitment and belief in their own ideas. By using opportunity, taking risks and having a plan, Duncan Bannatyne believes that anyone can be an entrepreneur.

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