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Become a better entrepreneur with Abdelkader Bachr tips

An entrepreneur and marketing specialist, Abdelkader Bachr (also known as Abdoobachr) is the 24-year-old founder of multiple digital marketing agencies that help small firms and start-ups.

Earning over $100,000 a month, Abdoobachr is an expert at leveraging the benefits of digital marketing and helping his clients scale their businesses through the innovative use of digital advertising.

Facebook and Google ads are just some of the areas in which he excels. His tried and tested digital marketing strategies have proven they have the power to grow his clients’ businesses. Key to his success is the development and delivery of quality content that’s tailored to each client’s niche.

Abdoobachr enjoys an enviable position in which he can personally select the clients he works with. Specific criteria must be met before he will consider a partnership.

Of course, Abdoobachr’s success has been hard won. Like everyone, he was once new to digital marketing and trying to make his mark in this competitive world. Initially, he didn’t have a target market and was wracked with self-doubt about his sales and marketing prowess to such a degree that networking was initially a major challenge.

But, he managed to overcome his lack of confidence. He set his targets on niche markets he knew he could work with. And he developed expertise in video marketing, an area he correctly predicted would offer clients great value, especially if their marketing messages were delivered in short, easy to digest clips.

Now Abdelkader Bachr’s skills and experience form the bedrock and enlighten the strategic direction his agencies take when it comes to brand development. Uniquely, their focus is very much on taking a long-term approach that entails helping businesses achieve their goals over a three to five year period.

Naturally, video marketing is at the heart of the mix of solutions his agencies recommend and deliver to clients. Time and time again, video has proved it has the power to engage audiences and build their brand loyalty—as long as the content is of a sufficiently high quality, of course.

Being just 24 and on a six-figure monthly salary puts Abdoobachr in a great position to offer tips to other young entrepreneurs looking to follow in his footsteps.

Abdoobachr’s Top Tips For Start-Up Success

  • Don’t ever give up, no matter how tough it gets
  • Find a mentor with a proven track record of  helping newcomers
  • Learn how they became successful and emulate it
  • Realise the importance of networking to build business relationships and get those all-important referrals

Great words of advice from a young and successful entrepreneur who’s currently working on numerous digital marketing projects, including the launch of a mobile app that’s sure to be as successful as his stellar career has been to date.

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