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Best Bitcoin Casino Games.

The Crypto gambling sector has grown massively during the last few years. It provides a unique experience due to blockchain technologies. Do you want to play casino games with more fairness and security?

The trusted Bitcoin casinos have that. Get the best adventure with in-house games. The low house edge and the Provably Fair protocol are the main factors that attract most players into trying out the original games designed by the casinos.

Another benefit of crypto gambling is the different payment methods. You no longer have to engage the bank in funding your casino and sports betting activities. That alone increase your anonymity, which brings more advantages.

See the list of the best Bitcoin in-house games and the reason to play these over the ones by 3rd party providers.


The first in-house game almost every crypto casino offer is Bitcoin Dice. A simple game where you can win up to 9,900x of your stake just in a single roll.

Set the multiplier target to see the chance of winning. It all comes down to your preferences – are you aiming for a massive bang, or do you settle with a modest win? Both are possible.

Put in large quantities of bets with turbo-mode and the auto-betting feature. Just pick the simple or advanced betting strategy, and the system will make subsequent bets. You don’t need to click the Play button with every wager.

What are your chances of a profitable Dice session? To maximize the odds, choose the Bitcoin casino with an RTP (return-to-player) of 99%, and you’re off to a promising start. Dice is a versatile game. Win a monstrous amount in a single roll or farm VIP levels easily.

Crash Game

Another exciting game crypto players hop into is the Crash game. Your objective is to pilot the rocket as far as possible and scoop the big multiplier winnings (up to over 100x).

The game’s design varies across individual sites. The flying object can have a form of a space rocket, an airplane, a superhero, or just an upward curve.

The crash game operates with an RTP of 98-99%.

You can play the Crash game manually or preset your goals. The rocket launches, and you can cash out at any time. As time goes by, the probability of a crash goes up rapidly. To automatically take profits, enter your desired target and the system will claim the prize once reached. As with Dice, you can enter the strategy for auto-betting. So you can just sit back and watch if your targets will be hit.

Join the Crash game and watch other players’ strategies. You’ll see everyone’s bet size and targets. Be the last man standing!


The last one of the popular Bitcoin in-house games is Plinko. The game mechanism is known from an old-school televised show, the Price is Right. Make a bet and hit up to 1000x win.

It’s simple. Choose the preferred risk factor and number of rows. Put in the bet amount, and the game can begin. Every bet represents a released ball, which will seek its way around the pins to finally find the bucket with a predefined winning multiplier.

The pins are positioned on the table, and the balls will likely end up in the middle brackets with small multipliers. And the massive win outcomes on sides will occur infrequently.

Similarly to the Dice game, Plinko is fitting for VIP-level farming as many casinos will let you play multiple balls at once. Add the Turbo mode into the equation, and your wagering volume will go out of the roof.

The in-house Plinko games run on a 1-4% house edge.


One of the main reasons players sign up at crypto casinos is their unique game selection. In-house games with a low house edge allow you to put in a large betting volume with a high probability of winning.

Try out any mentioned Bitcoin games, get lucky, and walk away with multiples.

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