Why Is Counting Cards Illegal in Casinos


Perhaps, memorizing card is the most popular casino technique known in the world of gambling. Many players have probably heard that there are only few best strategies to play poker, but there are lot more poker strategies available on the internet. However, a newbie will try to guess the precise hand, based on what their guts are telling them. However, there are still many talks regarding the legality of this method, which have even been discussed in the US Supreme Court. So, is it legal to memorize cards? Let’s find the answers together.

Where Do They Count?

Today, there are two possible places, where you can memorize cards when playing blackjack:

  • Live casinos;
  • Online casinos.

If the gambler prefers visiting an online casino then There are $10 deposit casinos with live dealers that process decks in real time the best part about them is that The longer you can play with your first deposit, the more chances you have to hit the big jackpot. People can count and no one will know about it. Such players start from the reviewing platforms at the reeltimewinners.co or the alternative service and try their tactics of memorizing. They usually play at the tables with numerous participants, because they can see more cards leaving the game and it is easier to count. Meanwhile, if gamblers are noticed, it may cause real troubles.

How Do They Count?

Do you remember the film “Twenty-One” where a talented student Matt joins a group of gamblers? In the movie, actors used the Plus-Minus memorizing system and even developed their sign language to share with each other the current count of the deck. Why did it give them such an advantage over the casino?

The answer is simple: the more processed cards we know, the more accurately we can predict the probability of the remaining ones coming out. Therefore, the probability that the next card will be small depends on the ratio of already issued “pictures” and the total number of remaining cards.

Is it Legal to Count Cards?

Even though memorizing is not illegal, gamblers who do it cost money to the casinos. As in any other business, casinos do not want people to get an advantage over them, and therefore they consider the struggle with such players as a way to protect their interests. For instance, in Nevada, state law allows players who have been caught counting cards to be prohibited from visiting casinos for some time.

The situation is slightly different in Atlantic City, where New Jersey law prohibits casinos from restricting players to play. However, it does not mean that Atlantic City is a paradise for such people. The casino is doing everything possible to minimize the effectiveness of card memorizing. Such measures may include adding an extra deck to the game and the use of machines that constantly mix decks making card counting completely impossible.

In Conclusion

It is not easy to prove that someone is counting cards. Moreover, it is almost impossible to convince him or her by the law. So, the only thing which remains for casinos is to restrict the person from visiting their establishment.