Operating an effective safety, health and environmental policy
A BOC case study

Page 1: Introduction

Living is a risky business. Taking risks begins in childhood, and continues throughout our lives and into old age, when many accidents are associated with confusion and forgetfulness. Sometimes we are aware of the risks we take; other times we are not.The likelihood of personal harm, even disaster, in our lives is often influenced by: where we live our lifestyle and the company we keep our own...
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Page 2: Risk avoidance and reduction

We can reduce the number of incidents that affect health, safety and the environment when we understand their cause. This is particularly true of incidents that result from human error or from a failure to take adequate precautions against risks. Creating a safer and a less environmentally harmful workplace is, therefore, a learning experience that involves: finding out more about the risks...
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Page 3: The importance of health, safety and environmental management

There are risks associated with every workplace. In some industries, the outcome of a typical incident may be relatively slight, for example an office worker shaken and upset by slipping on a wet floor. In other industries a typical incident can have far more severe consequences, such as a farmer pinned beneath an overturned tractor, a building worker hurt in a fall, or a factory worker caught...
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Page 4: Risk management

Risk management is a process that attempts to identify and understand specific risks within the business, and to identify the cost of reducing or eliminating those risks. The BOC Group faces both direct and indirect risks. Direct risks arise from the business’s core operations and may come from: environmental incidents, such as greenhouse gas generation or the production ofwaste...
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Page 5: Safety, health and the environment (SHE) policy

The Group’s SHE policy emphasises that, for The BOC Group, safety, health and environmental management is the highest priority. It is also an area in which the Group looks for on-going improvement. SHE affects corporate strategy at the highest level and also everyday operations. BOC managers are required to achieve on-going improvement by: maintaining sound operating practices, including...
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Page 6: Conclusion

The BOC Group sees its Safety, Health and Environmental policy as the right and proper way to achieve its objectives of extending safety measures and improving environmental performance. The policy has helped to provide guidelines that enable all its employees to focus on how to develop best practice over and above statutory requirements around the world. The SHE policy is an on-going and...
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