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British entertainment industry: cinema, theatres and amusement parks

British entertainment industry
Photo by Vienna Reyes on Unsplash

The cordiality, nationality, etiquette and reverence for tradition is carried by countless films and goldenbet casino.

A true knowledge of British culture is expressed by knowing the Honourable Royal Family and honouring the royal holidays. For centuries it is the 14th of June, the birthday of kings, and later Queen Elizabeth II.  On this day it is customary to hold a military parade, “The Display of the Banner”. The red day of the calendar is considered for the British not just a day off, but a mass popular celebration with all honours.

How cinema, theatres and other entertainment characterise Great Britain, this article will tell you a little about the main things.

GB’s conservative film industry

The unhurried history of cinema has produced some truly quality films to watch. Many films provoke viewing at certain times of the year. An example with the Harry Potter series of films from J.K. Rowling. Bringing in the Christmas spirit, “Get Santa” and “Bridget Jones’s Diary” are at the box office every year. Memorable animated films “Feathered SWAT”, “Escape from the Chicken Coop”, “Return to Oz” and other colourful films. 

World Cinema Birthday falls on every 28th of December. For the British, every innovative development and high scoring popular film is considered a birthday.

Restrained aristocratic Britain has taught with its films to look and feel differently, to ponder and to be compassionate. England has given outstanding actors and directors such as Kate Winslet, Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, Guy Pearce, Daniel Radcliffe, Pierce Brosnan, Hugh Grant, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hardy and others.

The versatility of theatre arts and celebrations

The laconic and culture-loving people of Britain respect their countries’ theatre performances, carnivals and festivals. 

A national reverence for norms, traditions and festivals is inherent in the locals. A little about each. 

“St Patrick’s Day is considered one of Britain’s most unusual holidays. Theatres put on plays, and movies spin pictures mentioning this celebration. It is compulsory to wear green on this day. 

The celebration of the Celtic Culture Festival can justifiably be called a distinctive feature of the Highlanders of Scotland. Dressing up in a man’s kilt with a small bag of sporran and a competition for the loudest bagpipes will be interesting for every participant.

August afternoon will see the Fringe arts festival in Edinburgh. Theatre productions in 250 venues as an opportunity for students and ambitious talents to express themselves for the first time. Theatre, music, dance and comedy groups are welcome to take part. The rallying of experienced and newly minted talent takes place not only by playing a part in theatre festivals, but also carnivals.

“Notting Hill Carnival” will take place on Bank Holiday weekend and is a carnival of gigantic proportions. Over a million people from across Europe prepare for the fun and colourful procession months in advance. Spectacular unique costumes of dancers, kitchen virtuosos, popular rock bands and their admirers, all taking place in an open space of festive atmosphere, with lots of spending cash.  

“London Fashion Week” lasts for several days in September. Fashion industry professionals and little-known designers showcase their own creations. The event is for everyone who has managed to buy tickets for Fashion Week. 

An October showcase of Indian food, music and dance. The lantern-lit streets of Leicester, pleasant melodious song and a dash of curry are organised to celebrate Diwali in October.

The love of modern English football has reached not only the locals but also all fans of the film Green Street Hooligans. England’s cup, championship and league has grown to European proportions. Football as England’s special art form.

Entertainment and outdoor activities of the English are built on theme parks.

Theme parks are amusement parks

There is no right age for entertainment and visits to family parks, especially those related to history, cultural heritage and cartoon literary characters. Below is a selection of the most famous amusement parks. 

  • A tour of Warner Studios is not just for kids. Many who grew up on the Harry Potter series will be happy to dive into the world of fantasy through a flight on a broomstick with a mug of creamy beer. 
  • “Adventure Wonderland” amusement park in the style of “Alice in Wonderland” will be remembered for the green living maze, flying elephants, rabbit holes and other fantasy entertainment taken from the book.
  • Realistic “Dinosaur Adventure Park” built on quests. 
  • An amusement park based on the adventure film “Gulliver’s Travels”.
  • Tiny “Babbacombe Model Village” a little reminiscent of “The sims” game.
  • Meet Santa Claus in snowy “Lapland UK”.
  • “Legoland Windsor Resort” houses 10 worldwide lego park installations.

Foreign and local little travellers will love what they see as much as the adults.

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