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Business lunch all you shouldn’t do

Business lunch may be the opportunity your business needs to approach customers and suppliers. Understand all about this corporate world ritual in this content and avoid common gaffes!

In the corporate world, it is only natural that sooner or later you will set up a business lunch. After all, it is in such close meetings that good opportunities to connect with the customer and close good partnerships often emerge. Even with all the technology that facilitates communication these days, these meetings serve as a way to build a lasting relationship.

But to make this idea a real thing, you need to know how to brand and, above all, how to behave in these situations. That’s why we’ve brought you a series of best practices that you should consider in a meeting like this. Check out!

Right approach

It all starts with the right approach. A lunch with a client, potential business partner, or new colleague can often be more productive than an office meeting. Leaving the office and exchanging by email or phone creates a more conducive environment for a relaxed and sincere conversation. When inviting someone to lunch it is essential to be respectful of the time and availability of the guest. The invitation must be made in advance and you must know all the details of the meeting to pass professionalism.

Make the right choice

This is another very fundamental step. It is important that you know the location of the meeting to make sure that both the service and the space are pleasant and quality. This way, you can reserve a quieter table so that the noise or loud movement of people does not disturb your conversation. Another point to consider is the ability to book in advance to avoid wasting time in queues. Try to avoid very sophisticated restaurants so as not to make your potential customer uncomfortable. At the same time, try not to opt for the opposite total. Also, make sure the venue style matches your guest preferences. You don’t want to take a vegetarian to a steakhouse, right? Even if you make the invitation, it is very valid to be open to customer suggestions and claiming business expenses.

Do not be late

It never hurts to stress the importance of not being late for the meeting. The late professional can be seen as someone who does not know how to organize. Ideally, you should arrive before the guest and make sure that the reserved table is available and ready for you and the customer. Respecting schedules is also important as the client may have other appointments scheduled after lunch. Try to make the meeting take no more than two hours and not have to have your guest have to rush to leave.

Remember the manners

The way you behave at the table can say a lot about your entrepreneurial stance. So always prioritize the rules of etiquette: don’t chew with your mouth open, use your napkin, don’t gesture with cutlery in your hand, and so on.

Avoid alcohol

You are inviting clients to lunch, and even if this meeting is relaxed, you are there for work. However, don’t let your prospect inhibit the guest from asking for what they want. The rule is to let the customer place the order before yours, so they will not feel restricted by your choice.

Turn off the phone

A customer lunch is not the time to check your email, reply to messages, or check out the Facebook feed. In the end, this meeting is a meeting and the rules apply here as well. Your full customer attention shows your dedication to their business and their needs.

During the meal, it is essential that you know how to let things flow naturally. It’s no use trying to rush business-related topics without generating a customer connection. Do your best to control your anxiety right now.

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