Business Studies Theory by Topic - Strategy

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Strategy revision theory

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What is ‘strategy theory’?

This part of the curriculum looks at the various external influences that businesses must identify, monitor and respond to in order to maintain competitive edge.

  • The business cycle - considers the impacts of changes in the economic environment on a business and how a company needs to respond in each of the different phases (downturn, bust, recovery, boom) in order to remain viable.
  • External influences - Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, Legal factors (PEST/SLEPT/PESTEL analysis) - and how a business needs to anticipate and take the impacts of these into consideration
  • Competition - considering the factors that affect degrees of competition (consumer knowledge, control of prices, number of rival products, ease of access to the market), including Porter's 5 forces analysis
  • Business ethics and Corporate Responsibility - looking at how a business demonstrates its values and responds to the wider community and society and the benefits of behaving ethically
  • Globalisation - exploring the factors affecting globalisation, eg technological change, deregulation of business, changing consumer demand, emerging markets, and the effects these have on a business