Implementing Codes of Conduct
A C&A case study

Page 1: Introduction

All organisations have a responsibility to their stakeholders. These are individuals and groups who have a stake in the running of the organisation and in the consequences of its activities. Stakeholders may include shareholders, suppliers, customers, employees and managers, as well as society as a whole. Increasingly, stakeholders are demanding a high level of ethical standards from the...
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Page 2: C & A

The name C&A comes from the initials of the two brothers who opened the first C&A store in Sneek, Holland, in 1841. Today, the company is still owned and operated by the Brenninkmeyer family. Its success is built on family values and traditions of high standards of personal and business behaviour.The first C&A store opened in Great Britain 75 years ago in London’s West end. In...
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Page 3: Codes of conduct at C & A

A mission statement is a general statement of intent by an organisation which declares to stakeholders what the core organisational values are and how the organisation intends to achieve its overall objectives. C&A has redefined its mission statement to combine traditional values and strengths with an added focus on the importance of the retail customer, who is the core reason why the...
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Page 4: Implementing the Code

Having created a Code of Conduct, C&A has had to put it into practice. A detailed communications exercise makes sure that each supplier fully understands the Code and signs an agreement to abide by its regulations. This Code is routinely monitored and audited as part of the day-to-day management process. This involves unannounced on-site inspections and a requirement of detailed record keeping...
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Page 5: The importance of monitoring

Effective monitoring and the evaluation of policies and actions is generally carried out by an independent organisation which examines objectively all aspects of the business. C&A uses the services of an organisation called SOCAM (Service Organisation for Compliance AuditManagement) to monitor and evaluate its activities.SOCAM is a limited liability company, registered in Belgium. The name...
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Page 6: Conclusion

C&A also has a Code of Conduct for its executives. The Code recognises that there are mutual obligations and responsibilities not only between the Company and its people but also between each individual to all other colleagues at all levels. The Code also recognises obligations and responsibilities to people outside the Company - to customers, to suppliers and to the communities in which...
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