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Case study essay conclusion let’s set right

Case study essay conclusion let's set right
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The conclusion of an essay can be compared with the preparation of the whole speech. You may spend many hours thinking about your subject, reading different books and your class notes, creating a plan, asking questions and doing research. Of course, you can escape that if you decide to buy essay online.

Yet, eventually, with a lot of struggle, you manage to write the whole text, line after line, paragraph after paragraph. And when there’s only a conclusion part left to write, you find yourself run out of words for it.

Essay Conclusion: What Is It About?

When writing an essay, you basically ask yourself questions about the chosen topic and try to answer them. Your conclusion affirms these answers, it is the point where you finish.

Why do many believe that the conclusion paragraph must end with an “opening phrase”? In reality, university research on any topic can never be completed once and for all. The question you formulate in the introduction is the basis of your research. Then you go discover the answers, and you can support their correctness by providing the evidence. Although your answer remains mostly partial. There will be new investigations and new questions.

Some new questions may occur to you during the writing process, or even at the very end of your research. For example, reading different academic sources may lead you to the consideration of some aspects you have not foreseen initially.

Main Points You Need to Mention in the Conclusion

In this part, you need to mention the most significant points of your work. Firstly, you should repeat the question that became the basis of your study and provide the answer that your research led you to. You should also mention which questions remain unanswered, which aspects should be explored in detail, and lay some groundwork for further research.

Read Examples

You can also read several examples of the essay conclusion to identify what information seems relevant, and what information you should avoid.

Essay Conclusion Is Not a Simple Summary

Pay attention: the conclusion should not be a simple summary of your essay. You should rewrite the conclusions drawn from each part of the case study and deduce the final solution from overall reflection of all your findings.

It is all about looking broader so that all pieces of the puzzle that you are putting together make sense. The conclusion must, therefore, prove the entirety of your purpose, incorporating elements from different parts of the case study. However, be careful not to confuse the conclusion and the summary.

Once the conclusion is written, improve the style: check the length of the sentences and polish the vocabulary. Also, pay attention to the style you use – it should be the same as the rest of the text, neither too plain nor too complex.

Open Conclusion

Write an interesting conclusion: if it consists only of the banalities and facts you state in the body paragraphs, it will devalue your work. Remember to finish with an opening phrase that would push your thought further. If you have an interesting idea that extends your work and raises questions related to your conclusions, go for it!

Such opening shows that your reflection does not stop there, that you realize your answers may raise other questions. On the other hand, do not try to make up an open phrase if you have no idea for it.

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