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Top 5 ideas business school case study present right way

Why are case studies important? They allow you to connect with and get inside the mind of a business owner. What makes a business successful, and what are its downfalls? A good case study will allow you to examine all aspects of business-making decisions, that is why many undergraduate and graduate-level business programs require them. However, it can be difficult enough to decide on a topic for your study – let alone to figure out how to present it.

Most studies are designed to solve an actual or anticipated problem that a business is facing.

The best case study will begin by investigating and analyzing the company in detail. You must look at both the history and potential growth of the organization. You also need to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company, paying specific attention to any problems the company experienced. After analyzing your findings, you can develop a well-researched “game plan.”

Top 5 Ideas for Your Business School Case Study:

1. Apple’s Reputation

This would be a great case study for any techie.  What factors are contributing to the company’s declining performance? Is it saturation of the market, or its pricey products? How is Apple recovering from its recent drop in popularity?

2. The Impact of Album Releases on Sony’s Image and Performance

Sony isn’t necessarily only known for its music industry. The giant also produces electronics, movies, and video games. However, delivering high-quality albums from top performers is a big part of Sony’s multi-billion dollar industry.

3. Canon’s Acquisitions and Expansions

For this case study, review Canon’s recent acquisition of Toshiba’s medical devices. This $6 billion exchange may prove to bolster the world’s biggest camera and printer manufacturer. On the other hand, it might just be the deadweight.

4. Lego’s Political Positioning

Lego is one of the top toymakers is Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Recently, the company faced serious repercussions after refusing to sell a large order of its plastic bricks to Ai Weiwei. Weiwei is a Chinese artist who intended to use the bricks to make a political statement. As part of its company policy, Lego refused to be involved in this sort of demonstration. Later, they reversed the policy. How might this sort of political positioning impact the brand, and is it even necessary?

5. Google’s Restructuring

Google recently reshaped its corporate structure to form a new parent company – Alphabet. What factors led to this restructuring, and will it be successful?

How to Present These Ideas the Right Way

You aren’t ready until you know your company inside and out. The most beautifully crafted study is useless if the material is unfounded. Take the time to do your research – you won’t be sorry. Then, you can focus on the craft of presentation.

Spice Things Up. Be creative!

Don’t stick to just facts and figures. Not only is that just plain boring, it won’t hook your audience. The more emotional appeal you can inject into your case study, the better. Humor isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and used correctly, can draw your audience into your proposal. The only way to effect change is to inspire emotion.

Think about Needs

You may have a great idea laid out in your case study, but if there’s no demand, it’s pointless to present it. Identify the business need you are attempting to address, and make sure your audience cares about that particular need. Show how your idea helps address a specific concern of this company.

Utilize the Right Medium

If you have countless slides or pages of dreary details with very little room for much else, you’re going to put your audience to sleep. Consider how you will be presenting your case study and the layout of your presentation space. Can you communicate everything you need to in a pie chart? Or would it be better to pass out documents ahead of time? Ask yourself these questions and perform several dry runs so you can work out any kinks.

Utilize Unique Visuals to Engage Your Audience

Try to involve them in brainstorming activities or fun, interactive tasks. You can even use videos or other programs to help focus them on your overall message.

Be Succinct and Direct

There’s no need to overwhelm your work with needless, tedious details. Stick to the gist of your message, and have an elevator pitch prepared if necessary. Make your audience count.

Basically, give your presentation some oomph. Don’t read directly from the slides, but rather, inject your personality into every aspect of your delivery. There’s no reason why a successful case study can’t be professional, informative, and interesting at the same time.

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