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Hidden work perks teachers should consider asking for

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To anyone outside of the profession, teaching looks like it already comes with a good set of perks. Six weeks off every summer, what’s not to love? While that’s true, anyone who has taught knows it’s one of the most demanding jobs around, requiring DBS checks from external companies, high resilience and eating into your free time with lesson planning and marking. . We think teachers can ask for a little more for all the work they do. Here are just a few suggestions of work perks teachers should consider asking for.


Commuting is an often overlooked concern for teachers. Teachers need to be up early and in class before students, which means they run the risk of public transport links being less frequent. When you consider many teachers can’t afford to run a car this becomes a bigger issue. Factor in that young or trainee teachers tend to be priced out of living near schools and you have a transport issue.

This is why it’s important for teachers to ask for perks that help them get to work on time and in a state of mind to teach. Getting your school to cover the cost of commuting can relieve excessive bus or train costs. If you’re a teacher that does drive, asking for fuel cards such as those produced by iCompario makes paying for fuel first thing in the morning much less of a hassle. If your employer is covering the cost of fuel it even saves them time and money at the end of the month. If you find yourself having to park 10 minutes down the road because of lack of space ask for a specific parking spot, for a little hit of appreciation when you pull in each morning.

School Discounts

Teachers live very different work lives to the rest of the workforce. You’re trapped in one building for the whole day, often with very little break time. There’s no taking a walk to the nearest sandwich shop for teachers. If you don’t feel like getting up even earlier than usual to make lunch then eating at the school is your only option.

This can become an expensive habit, especially on a young teacher’s salary. Consider asking for your lunches to be covered by the school, with a queue jump perk thrown in. These are common perks in most school kitchens anyway, but it’s always worth double-checking. Work as a lecturer in a university? Ask for a discount in your university art or stationery shop, so you have the resources for a lecture worthy of your student’s investment.

Retailer Specific Discounts

Another way to save a bit every day as a teacher is trying to arrange a discount with a specific retailer. As mentioned, teaching supplies can be as much of a drain on teachers as lunch expenses. Especially with a class full of kids who turn up without a plan. Studies have shown teachers are spending a significant amount of their own money on supplies. What equipment are you using? Are you sitting with good posture and support? Arranging a discount with your local stationery supplier will earn you some cred amongst other teachers and allow you to buy in bulk for cheaper.

Covering Development Plans

Personal development through training courses is as important in teaching as any other profession. It doesn’t just keep you ahead of the pack, it allows you to provide the most educational and controlled classroom experience possible.

Consider asking our school to cover the cost of a development plan. It’ll remove a huge cost burden and avoid you stagnating as the next generation of teachers come through. As with all educational perks, this can always be sold as just as much a bonus for your employer, one that stands as evidence of your commitment to teaching and growing as an educator.

Choosing Your Dream Team

Classrooms are an underrated difficult place to work. Even experienced teachers have trouble controlling the ever growing modern classrooms. It’s even harder when you have an unfamiliar or inexperienced team around you.

Many people consider teaching a solo profession. But your teaching assistants are a huge asset you shouldn’t take for granted. Certain children will require special needs and you can’t influence that, but consider asking for more input towards your classroom team. Having an assistant who knows when to step in and is a familiar presence to the class makes teaching much less difficult for you. Don’t leave yourself stranded in the classroom, take advantage of your connections.

Teaching is a difficult profession to ask for more in. The time off is often seen as enough, and limited funding means schools can’t always give teachers everything they want. An important part of these perks is that they generally save money for the higher-ups, make life easier for the staff or improve the standard of teaching at the school. Compromise is the key to achieving the kind of perks that make one of the most fulfilling jobs much more convenient.

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