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Cash for fake crashes. Fraudulent driver claims on the rise

Did you know that cash for fake crashes is mostly aimed on unwary motorists by fraudulent drivers? Well, these claims have been on the rise recently making the fake drivers earn a lot of millions. You need to know how to avoid being one of the fake crash victims and what you should do in case you suspect you are being targeted.

Lower income earners who are scammers are costing motorists a lot of money by staging fake car crashes that also involve third parties. Fraudulent drivers are so prepared to make innocent people suffer by deliberately faking a crash.

When an insurance fraud investigator investigates a crime, they mostly find that accidents or fake crashes are deliberately caused by awful driving such as slamming the brakes in front of a third party’s car. Below are some of the tips you should consider to avoid fake crashes.

1.  Watch for kids.

Animals and kids have the tendency of popping out of nowhere mostly into the highways or in between parked cars. Fraudulent drivers are aware of this and it is most likely that you will find them in such spots.

Be careful in case you are driving in a residential area that has a lot of kids. Also slow down your speed to avoid any accident.

2.  Do not tailgate.

Always ensure you leave a four minute space cushion between you and the car that is in front of you. Also, make sure you start your journey earlier enough to avoid speeding up where unnecessary. As normal as it seems, tailgating is a common factor that contributes to the occurrence of accidents.

3.  Be courteous to other drivers.

It is common courtesy to treat others drivers with respect since no one possesses the road. Also if you notice any disrespectful driver, make sure you report them to the authorities. Being rude to others and ignoring what they are saying to you might cause an accident.

4.  Scan ahead.

Make sure you focus on the area you will be driving on 12 seconds ahead. While driving in a highway, be in a position that is far enough from the car ahead of you so that if any person or animal suddenly appears, you will be in a position to avoid them.

5.  Keep at least one hand on the steering wheel.

A lot of distractions such as changing radio stations, eating, talking on your phone or even briefly taking your hands off the wheel. This is important since a pothole, blown tire or a strong blast of wind can send your car in another lane causing an accident.

6.  Pull into traffic slowly.

Ensure you are keen to listen, look or stop in case of anything. Look out for blindspots such as the highway road signs and others that are in the rear view mirror. In addition, as you make an intersection to your right hand, check both sides thrice before proceeding.

Cars always appear out of nowhere suddenly. Make sure you are cautious as you pull into a busy road.

7.  Watch for red light runners.

Take a second before entering into any intersection after a green light. Check both ways and make sure no driver is trying to speed past a yellow light. Always be cautious while passing semis. As you are driving next to a truck, be careful since the drivers have a lot of blind spots and accidents next to them can easily happen.

Also, if you cannot see a truck’s side mirror, that means the driver can not see you too.

8.  Look backward when backing out.

A minor collision easily happens at the parking lot as the cars are leaving the parking spaces. Ensure you avoid depending on the side mirrors alone since they tend to create certain blindspots. Looking over your shoulder can help you prevent any accident that may arise as you leave the parking lot.

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Did you know that a lot of insurance companies spend a lot of money investing fraudulent drivers that make fake claims? Well, each year the insurance companies prosecute serious cases that mostly end up in criminal courts.

However, honest, hard-working and innocent people end up paying for a crime they didn’t commit just because of a fake claim. Fake claims make it difficult to acquire fair compensation for legit insurance claims.

More than 50% fake crashes happen every year and are increasing every year.


The above tips enable every driver to avoid a lot of fake crashes. However, in case you are caught up in such a situation, contact our lawyer at scot accident claims and get the justice you deserve. Our team will support you and make sure you are compensated as you recover from the accident.

Ensure you also abide by the rules of the road to avoid a lot of unforeseen circumstances.

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