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Casino dealer jobs

10 Best casino dealer training jobs

Can you imagine the sense of anticipation when being a caller on an online bingo site? Or, what about being the person flipping the cards and revealing how close someone is to 21? Being a casino dealer has to be one of the most interesting people watching jobs out there. You are with these humans when they are losing but also when they make the biggest win of their lives. What drama!

If this sounds like just the job for you, then you need to find someone who will offer to train you. It is more than just shouting some numbers or shuffling the deck. So you will need to find yourself the best casino training job out there. It just so happens that we have found 10 to get you started!

What does it take to succeed in a dealer’s job?

Before we take you through some of the best opportunities available, we will explore the qualities and skills you will need to succeed. First, you will obviously need to know the rules and the objectives of each game. Then, you need to learn how to shuffle and the mechanics of dealing. There are ways to do this that are considered standard and fair, and you will need to master this. You will then need to be adept at calculating the pay-outs required after a win. However, ultimately, you will need to be good with people who might have high expectations for the outcome of a hand, a shake of a dice or a number called. There will be huge emotions involved in the highs and lows of emotions, and you will need to be skilled at working with people in these states of arousal. 

This is no easy task, so you need the best on the job training possible. Fortunately, when you look for jobs, you will find that the advertisement may use the wording “no previous experience needed, full training given”. Casinos enjoy training new staff because they can be sure you adhere to their standards. Therefore, when looking for the best training programs, you should look to the best casinos in the country.

#1 Aspers Casino, Westfield, Stratford City

Established in 2011, this casino covers 65000 sq. feet – which is huge. It is not all slots and tables, there are also bars, food outlets and even a cinema. This place is an entertainment outlet – and employs hundreds of people. It is considered one of the best places to visit in London as a punter and only with the best employees can the person enjoy this experience. 

#2 Les Croupiers Casino, Cardiff

The starting salary for a casino trainee will be modest, so living in London may be challenging. Therefore, if you want to train in a casino outside of the capital, you should try Les Croupiers Casino. There is a massive poker room, with 20 tables that can populate 200 people. Therefore, this company is going to be skilled at developing your dealing skills.

#3 Park Lane Casino, Mayfair, London

Sometimes, it is more important to have a brand on your CV than anything else. Think of going to college in America and how much having an Ivy League establishment matters – going to Harvard or Yale can significantly change your future. The same is true with where you did your training. If you said that you learnt from those who deal to the rich and famous on Park Lane, Mayfair, then you are likely to seal your future in the profession.

#4 #5 #6 Genting International Casino, Birmingham, Genting Club, Sheffield or Genting Casino Fountain Park, Edinburgh

Working for an international company has its benefits, as you could get to work in Singapore and Malaysia and even in Las Vegas. Genting Group also has 40 casinos across the UK with thousands of employees. The training in such a huge organisation will be well-evolved and the structures established.

Choosing between the different establishments will be partly to do with where you want to live and partly the sort of atmosphere you would like to work in. For instance, Sheffield offers a much lighter mood, whereas Edinburgh is a nexus for poker fans who know their stuff about the game.

#7 Hippodrome Casino, London

Again, this casino offers an entertainment experience. Restaurants, theatre, cabaret, jazz, famous people, oh and a massive amount of gaming tables. This is where you want to work if you want to be part of a phenomena. 

#8 Rainbow Casino, Edgbaston, Birmingham

Rainbow Casino likes to market itself as a great place for new gamblers – and so it would be a great place to wet your feet as a dealer too. The stakes will be lower, and the emotions less fraught. While this is a busy casino, with lots of footfall, you will have a chance to learn your new skills with a friendlier atmosphere.

#9 Empire Casino, London

Based in Leicester Square, you are in the heart of London in this casino. It is owned by another international gaming company, Caesars Entertainment Group. Therefore, while this is not the biggest or most prestigious casino, you might find that it offers the starting point for an exciting career.

#10 Grosvenor Casino Leo, Liverpool

We suggest this casino in Liverpool because this is such a great city to live in. There are 53 Grosvenor Casinos around the UK, so you have the freedom to train around the country. However, if you want to learn how poker tournaments are run, then this is the place to apply for a training program.

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