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Common Myths Regarding Carpet Cleaning

Many people believe that vacuum cleaning and an occasional brushing is enough for keeping their carpets in good shape. However, that is not enough for extending the life of the carpet and keeping it in an ideal shape. A service from a professional carpet cleaning service provider is necessary for proper maintenance. Nowadays you can find many affordable carpet cleaning solutions for your carpet, so contact Carpet Cleaning London and see what they can do for you. There are many myths associated with carpet cleaning, and the following are the most common ones.

Weekly vacuuming is enough.

This is something many people believe, but this is far from true. Yes, vacuuming helps in removing visible dirt or dust, but vacuum cleaners cannot suck out dust mites, tiny pollutants, allergens, and microscopic materials that can harm people`s health. The only way for the successful removal of these contaminants is by using a professional carpet cleaning service in Putney.

New carpets should not be cleaned.

Many people buy carpets, put them in their rooms, and enjoy them without thinking they need to be cleaned. Most people believe that carpets should be cleaned only when they get visibly dirty. Truth is that even brand new carpets can be dirty. Sometimes dirt is not visible and there are particles inside the carpet that can only be removed with powerful machines.

Standard cleaning shampoos and detergents are as good as professional solutions.

Another common misconception of many people. Standard shampoos and detergents are cheap and available in any store, but they are not effective for carpets. Most of them contain a set of chemicals that may do more harm than good to your carpets. Some of them may remove stains, but at the same time, they may discolor your carpet.

Professional cleaners are not needed if you own a cleaning machine.

Sometimes people buy or rent expensive cleaning although they have no idea how to use them. They believe they are saving money that way, but truth is that it can cost you a lot more that way than if you hire professionals. If you do not know how the machine should be used, then you risk making significant damage to your carpets. Professional cleaners use different machines for different purposes, plus they are trained and have deep knowledge about carpets. That is why it is advisable to hire them and not waste your money on buying or renting expensive carpet cleaning machines.

Dry carpet cleaning is the best solution because other types damage the carpet.

Truth is that different carpets require using different cleaning methods. Not every carpet requires dry carpet cleaning. Professionals can easily determine which method is the best for a particular carpet, so it would be best if you leave that decision to them. Professional services have cleaned lots of different carpets so they will know exactly which method should be used. Save your time, energy, and money, and always go with a quality carpet cleaning service provider.

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