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Why Junk Bunk is best for junk removal in London?

Why Junk Bunk is best for junk removal in London?
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When looking for a good junk removal company in London, look no more. Junk Bunk is the best expert in handling your rubbish and garbage. They are also the best when it comes to same day rubbish removal.

This article will highlight some of the reasons you should consider Junk Bunk for rubbish removal.

Offers upfront pricing

If you are looking for transparency when it comes to giving pricing, look no further. This company gives the best upfront prices. The prices are shared with the general public on their website meaning that there are no hidden prices.

The prices range from £35 for small items weighing 50kgs to £270 for large items weighing 1200kgs. You can get their prices by requesting an online form via their website.

Customers have learned to trust this company for junk removal because of this strategy.

They have more and bigger trucks

Every client wishes to get the best value for garbage collection. Junk Bunk has giant trucks and many in number for collecting rubbish. Additionally, they have a few van that handles smaller cargo.

This means that they do not increase the cost of services while collecting more waste. Here, customers feel the value for their money.

They are licensed and insured

When hiring for rubbish collection services, it is always good to look for companies that are both insured and licensed. Junk Bunk has both qualities.

This company makes sure that all the junk that is collected is recycled in order to avoid degrading the environment. They obtained their license from the London environmental agency.

In the event that an accident occurs in your residence, they are to pay for your liability insurance.

Fast and reliable

For a fast and reliable garbage collection company consider Junk Bunk. They give the best and most convenient schedule in the city of London. Their service availability is 24 hours a day. They ensure that their client’s schedules are not disrupted.

However, you can request for a service and have it done in less than 24 hours.

They offer same day rubbish collection services

Removal of rubbish is a matter of urgency. Delays in collecting wastes can cause harm and danger to the population and their surroundings. This company looks into the customer’s needs by ensuring that your waste is disposed of on the same day you order their services.

They offer a different range of garbage removal

This company puts into consideration the different needs of different customers.  Some of the junk removal services they offer include;

  • Office clearance-they get rid of unwanted waste, electronics and office furniture professionally.
  • Garage clearance-they ensure that there is space for you in your garage by disposing of all the rubbish.
  • Garden waste removal-they make sure that your garden is tidy and clean by getting rid of all the waste.
  • Builders waste clearance- the waste left after the building is well taken care of.
  • White goods disposal-this company is an expert in getting rid of unwanted electronics, refrigerators and old stoves.

All these different types of waste are cleared efficiently.

Covers a wide area network

Junk Bunk covers a wider area in London. They will literally find you wherever you are. All you need to do is to reach out to them and they will deliver their disposal services at your doorstep.

You can also reach out to them through their social media platforms and website.

Excellent customer service

In case you need assistance or have queries about their junk collection services, you can get the best customer support from their team. This team is available from Monday to Monday and so are their services.

The team is customer-friendly and ensures that its clients are satisfied with their services.

They have the right equipment and tools

This company delivers what they have promised since they have the right tools and equipment for the job. They also have a wide range of vans and trucks to transport the waste anywhere in London. Different sort of tools is used to address different garbage removal needs.

 Professional and well-skilled staff

When sourcing for a well-skilled garbage removal group, look for Junk Bunk. The team here handles their work professionally leaving you satisfied.

They are well-trained to handle different tools for garbage collection. The junk disposal process is carried out in an environmentally friendly manner.

They bring in four years of experience

This company has been in the junk removal industry for four years now. They have gained enough experience over the years to ensure that clients receive excellent clearance services.

They have also invested heavily in a professional team that handles this work effectively. Their equipment and tools are well able to handle a heavy workloads.

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