Developing a stronger customer focus
A Corus case study

Page 1: Introduction

Business continually needs to adapt to the changing environment in which it operates. In recent years a key element of this environment has been that of increasing customer expectation. Modern customers want far more than ever before deciding who to buy from. When they deal with an organisation they want to deal with a sales team that is fully informed, able to focus on their specific needs and...
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Page 2: Developing a clear strategy

Organisations must have a clear sense of direction if they are to be effective. This involves establishing a goal and a strategy (plan) to achieve this goal. Corus has established its goal (for its Construction and Industrial Business Unit): 'Achieve a 15% return on net assets with real profit growth through the cycle by providing products, solution and expertise to our customers in the...
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Page 3: Organisational culture

We use the term 'culture' to describe the typical approach within an organisation. Culture refers to the personality of an organisation and the shared beliefs. It also encompasses the written and unwritten policies and procedures that determine the ways in which the organisation and its people behave and solve business problems. You can quickly get a feel for the culture of an organisation just by...
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Page 4: Managing change

Changing the culture of an organisation requires a great deal of skill. Change management is always most successful when the participants in the change process feel involved. The key drivers for the change process were the emphasis on getting everyone to see themselves as working as part of a single business unit and to make sure that the focus was on the customer. The training programme...
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Page 5: Barriers to change

Corus has been seeking to create high performance teams within its business units in order to improve performance and particularly to build stronger relationships with customers. While it has been pursuing this strategy it has been faced with an external environment which contains many hostile factors. The major hostile factor has been the strength of the £ and the weakness of the Euro which...
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Page 6: Conclusion

Changing an organisation is not easy particularly when people are used to doing things in a set way. Managing that change process is not easy when an organisation is faced by a hostile environment (in this case the strength of the £ against the Euro). However, change is essential in a dynamic business environment. Corus is beginning to reap some of the rewards of its change management...
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