Developing a stronger customer focus
A Corus case study

Page 6: Conclusion

Changing an organisation is not easy particularly when people are used to doing things in a set way. Managing that change process is not easy when an organisation is faced by a hostile environment (in this case the strength of the £ against the Euro). However, change is essential in a dynamic business environment.

Corus is beginning to reap some of the rewards of its change management process. Customers feel more confident now that they can deal with one account manager who is familiar with their business and their problems and can provide tailor made solutions. Within Corus, team members are now becoming more confident in their roles and have come to grips with the need to work more closely together using shared systems.

The £ continues to be strong so it will take time for the results of the new strategy to be fully realised. However, the changes are in place to secure a future for the business and the people.

Corus | Developing a stronger customer focus


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