The importance of building a strong brand image
A Corus case study

Page 1: Introduction

In the modern business world an organisation’s brand image can be as important as the goods or services it produces. A strong brand image is a powerful asset. A recognised and trusted brand identity makes people confident that the organisation is dependable. This is why successful businesses work hard at building their brands and present them in a clear and consistent way.Corus is the...
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Page 2: The importance of brand

We usually associate the term ‘brand’ with a product that has a unique, consistent and well-recognised character eg Coca-Cola, MG, Weetabix.  These brands conjure up images in the minds of consumers.  Large organisations work hard to raise the power and status of their brands and guard them carefully against unlicensed use or unfair imitation. A brand usually carries a logo...
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Page 3: Creating a brand identity

After the merger, Corus gave priority to creating a new brand identity. Choosing the new name was a long, careful consultative process. The first step was to identify the values of both companies and to encapsulate them in the name and logo. The consultation established: the views of customers, suppliers and employees those aspects of the existing organisation of which they were most proud. In...
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Page 4: Implementation

The Corus ambition is to build a strong powerful brand that looks and means the same all over the world. A powerful brand must have attention value, whether it be in neon lights or on the side of a vehicle.  We notice powerful logos wherever they appear eg on filling stations and fast food outlets.  They always look the same and, if we enjoy the associated product, the logo acts as a...
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Page 5: Stakeholders

It was vital to quickly win support for the new brand from all of the organisation’s key stakeholders inside the organisation. On the day Corus was launched, communication packs were delivered to all parts of the business and presentations took place at the same time on the same day throughout the Company.  These were to explain the nature and purpose of the new logo and the new...
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Page 6: Conclusion

Establishing a new company and a new brand is a massive undertaking.  Its approach has proved highly successful.  Today Corus is a widely recognised brand that has quickly developed a strong presence in the international metals industry. Rebranding the organisation has made it possible to open up new opportunities while building on the strengths of the past. Because developing a strong...
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