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Coursework writing business sector flourishes financially

Education is a valuable service in the UK. On aggregate students spend billions of pounds on education each year. This has caused the rise of various academic related businesses which contend to provide customised coursework writing service to learners based on their needs. One can get their assignments, coursework writing, dissertation writing or even a thesis produced to meet their requirements of length and deadline. These establishments are expanding their business concerns as time progresses to accrue larger profits and market share of the revenue. Students are readily adopting and using the guarantees, affirmations and promises asserted by these associations to help them complete their writing task for their institute.

UK educationalists are concerned that these coursework writing help companies or workshops are denting the implementation of proper coursework writing standards. The assistance providers insist that they do not advise their clients to submit the coursework in their institute as coursework of their own. The providers contend that it is clearly mentioned on their website that the writing help is meant to serve as a guideline. The produced coursework is not meant to be submitted as it is directly at their institute.

Profitably Implementing Academic Standards

In the course of the last few years each coursework workshop has mysteriously somehow understood all the standards and regulations implemented by UK institutes. Since the hike in tuition fees in 2012 international graduates are now paying extra to get a higher education. Most of these international learners may be quite intelligent but most of them do not have English as their first language. Writing coursework or any other assignment for that matter can be a difficult ordeal if you are having trouble expressing yourself in a second language. With the justification that each scholar is paying more tuition fees than say what their elder sibling had paid for, no one wants to go back empty handed.

Professor Phil Newton at Swansea University believes that, “In the case of contract cheating, evidence is often available, and it would seem reasonable to conclude that it is in the public interest to intervene to address the situations where practising healthcare professionals, engineers, lawyers or others have paid others to complete their assessments for them, rather than personally completing the work required to obtain a qualification.” That is easier said than done. Each establishment which delivers assistance for writing coursework understands that they must provide service which contains zero plagiarism for them to be prosperous in this industry. Scholars confirmed to have submitted work with plagiarism are expelled at Swansea.

Re-Establishing Academic Writing Commitments

On October 19, 2017 Jo Johnson the British Conservative politician summoned the Office for Students (OfS), which will become fully operational in April 2018, to secure freedom of speech at UK higher institutes. The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) asserts that there are more than 100 establishments which unscrupulously help learners achieve grades which they are not entitled to. In New Zealand anyone advertising third party assistance can be imposed of a fine of £ 5,000. The QAA seeks to implement similar laws in the UK to assure academic clarity of student’s performances in institutes.

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