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CRM system as a solution for a small business

Although micro, small and medium enterprises have been using basic IT solutions for many years, they still use specialized and at the same time more advanced programs, such as CRM systems, very rarely. Unfortunately, despite the high evaluation of their usefulness among small entrepreneurs, there is an erroneous belief that they are too expensive and designed exclusively for large companies.

Companies from the SME sector are highly aware of the need to use new technologies and more advanced systems to manage the company, but they often postpone the purchase of software, because they perceive such an investment as too expensive. This is one of the myths that still exists among entrepreneurs.

Investment in a ready-made CRM system brings many benefits to a small company. By organizing the processes, the sales cycle is shortened, administrative costs are reduced, reporting is improved and the execution time of activities and orders is speeded up.

Box or cloud

When choosing a solution consisting in “renting” software in the cloud, owners are guided by, among other things, relatively low monthly costs for the use of software and the conviction that this model is the cheapest. It turns out, however, that in an annual or multi-year settlement, software made available in the cloud may be more expensive than the purchase of the so-called box system, which de facto becomes the property of the company. Box CRM system can already be purchased for several hundred euros, and it happens that one license allows you to work on several workstations.

CRM is not only a tool to work with a single customer, but also to manage their entire network. The program should provide tools for efficient service of a single entity, as well as enable effective communication with all customers or a selected group of customers.  An example of such a solution is Teamleader CRM System, which allows to collect detailed information about the customer’s “characteristics” and preferences. Based on filtering mechanisms, it is possible to quickly draw up a list of customers (both dynamic and static), transfer it to another employee or group of employees, which will enable serial activities such as mailing and subsequent control of planned activities.

The CRM system creates a lasting bond with customers, and the care taken of them makes them want to come back. As a result, CRM systems improve the company’s image and contribute to increasing revenues. A modern CRM program is not only a system that complements the software with missing mechanisms, but also a tool that minimizes the need to use separate applications.

The data are important

Efficient work with the CRM system, however, requires adequate “feeding” of data. In this regard, systematics in data input is necessary, which in time will bring measurable benefits. It is impossible not to pay attention to the data import mechanism. In most aa programs it is possible to enter data from such popular formats as “CSV”, “v-card” or from MS Outlook.

Solutions offered in the segment of CRM systems should be flexible, i.e. facilitate the work of a small (multi-person) company, taking into account the fact that over time such a company may grow. Then it will need even more support of a well-organized system to manage not only customers, but also the internal structure.


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