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Custom Star Maps: 5 Great Reasons to Get One

Photo by David Kopacz: pexels

Whether you’re marking the location of a first date, your first kiss, or where you got engaged, custom star maps make great keepsakes. People love getting unique gifts, and a custom star map is perfect for anyone on your list. There are countless reasons to order one of these maps, but here are five of the best.

What are Star Maps?

If you have never heard of a star map, it is basically a map of the stars and constellations. What makes custom star maps a great gift, however, is that it is a map of what the constellations and stars or the night sky itself looked like on a particular date at a specific location. What’s more, you can get a custom star map of anywhere in the world.

When Should You Get a Star Map?

With custom star maps being such a great gift, you might wonder when to get them for someone or yourself. The good news is that custom star maps like this star map from Printed Memories can be bought for many different occasions. One of the best times to get a custom star map would be when a new child has been born; this is a great way to celebrate a birth and will be the best gift for new parents.

In addition, if you want to surprise your significant other, you could get a custom star map for each milestone in a relationship. For example, you could get one for when you met when you had your first kiss when you started dating when you got engaged, and so on.

They’re Affordable and Easy to Make

Custom star maps don’t have to be expensive. Most places offer them at reasonable prices compared to other personalized gift options. All you need to do is visit a site that offers these services, fill in the required fields, and even potentially see a preview of what it would look like. In other words, it’s a great gift without needing to break the bank.

They are Unique Gifts

Star maps are customized to the person you are gifting them to or yourself. They’re personal,  sentimental, and can be tailored to fit any event or milestone. What’s more, they are unique; you would be hard-pressed to find a map similar to yours. In other words, star maps are one-of-a-kind, much like yourself.

You Can Commemorate Special Memories

Everyone has memories that are close to their hearts. With a custom star map, you can cherish those memories forever. All it takes is a few minutes to capture the stars on paper, and you’ll have a beautiful reminder of that moment in time.

As mentioned above, many moments can be commemorated. However, you should avoid gifting a star map for an ordinary moment since that will lessen the significance of the gift. After all, who wants to know what the stars looked like the first time you ordered McDonald’s with someone?

The Stars Don’t Go Away

Another reason you should get a custom star map, whether for a friend or yourself, is because the stars are always there. Many people don’t even know what the night sky actually looks like, especially those living in a city with light pollution. As such, it would be great to see exactly which stars were out, what they looked like, and what constellations were present on whichever day you choose to commemorate.

They Make Great Décor Pieces

Custom star maps make beautiful additions to any room in your home. They add a touch of personality and whimsy, and they’re sure to spark conversation among guests. Star maps can make a great centrepiece in a home, especially if you have a family and have a few maps. What better place to put a star map than in your office as wall décor? Or above the fireplace to let your kids know you love them if you got maps for when they were born?

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