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How to Choose the Right LED Lighting Strip.

Many individuals love to use LED light strips because of their versatility. These strips are useful in different ways, including in display window illumination and subtle accent lighting. For this reason, people will buy them and in large numbers. Of course, you can move the strips from one use to another.

There are various kinds of LED strips available in the market today. It’s good to research before buying so that you only take home the right one. Read on to understand more about these LED lighting strips:

  1. Meter Varieties.

LED lighting strips are available in two different varieties. The two are the sixty LED per meter lights and the thirty LED per meter strips. The “thirty” and “sixty” refers to the number of colors available on each meter of the lighting strip.

Sixty LED per meter lights are best suited for places that require bright lighting and have existing illumination. One can also use them in the creation of illumination to use during the day.

The thirty LED per meter lights are perfect illuminators if one wishes to achieve more subtle lighting effects. They work perfectly with accent lighting in various places.

It’s upon you to choose the power consumption range of the strip you want to use. 12v LED light strips might serve you perfectly on one occasion, but you might need strips with lower or higher power intake in other cases.

  • LED Sizing.

One should also think about the size of the LED light strip. It’s the strip’s size that determines the brightness and distribution of the lighting. The sizes are indicated using four figure digits that indicate the size of the strip’s chips. For example, the 3528 figure means that the chips are three-point five millimeters by two point eight millimeters. The 5045, however, indicates a chip that is 5 millimeters by four point five millimeters in measure. As a rule of thumb, larger chips are brighter than small ones and offer a greater light distribution.

  • Reel Measurements.

The standard length of LED strips’ reels is either five or ten meters. However, some are longer and measure to as much as 20M. These are the ones available in the market, but custom lengths can be ordered. Others have the skills to customize the LED light strips they buy. Most light strips are designed with cutting points at specific intervals to make it easier for those who want to shorten the strips.

  • Easy Installation Strips.

Most of the LED strips come with a self-adhesive backing to ease mounting and installation on various surfaces. This feature favors users who love DIY projects. For maximum protection, you can fasten strips to flat aluminium bars.

  • Customization.

Though you may not change some features in already manufactured LED strip lights, it’s good to know that some manufacturers offer customization options to their clients. Customized strip lights are more expensive but are meant to fulfill the user’s desires.

Businesses, as well as homes, will find many advantages of using LED strip lights. Their convenience, versatility, and eco-friendly features are some of the factors that make people continue using them.

Creativity leads to wonderful and practical uses for LED lighting strip systems. Various online stores offer large selections of these strips and other LED fittings. Take your time to get the best of all.

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