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Debounce is the best solution for email verification

Do you run a business that provides the “register by email” option? Do you run digital marketing that is always in contact with customer emails? If your answer to these two questions is YES, then you cannot ignore what is called an “email verification tool”. Why? You are certainly aware that in this Internet world there is always a group of spammers who act as customers and take advantage of your services outside of the policies you have set. Email verification can ensure that every email that comes into your service is really active and not spamming one.

We have agreed that you need a sophisticated email verification tool. But which one? With just a few clicks you can find various email verification tools, each of which offers interesting features. But be aware that not all of them are truly reliable. Only a small number of them are able to verify the email according to your expectations and needs. In this article we will introduce an email verification tool that we think is the best, DeBounce.

Of course there must be a reason why we can say DeBounce Email Verification is the best email verification service.

This is a web application that has the main service “email confirmation”. With advanced technology and unique algorithms, DeBounce is able to ensure there are no mysterious emails on your platform. Especially if you provide a free trial version for new visitors, you are a favorite target for spammers!


1. Temporary email address

This is an important feature because it can detect accounts created only to enjoy free services without the slightest desire to buy. During this time it is difficult to track emails temporarily but with DeBounce, you can track them easily and get rid of them from your platform.

2. Email Verification API

With this feature you can integrate services on your website while supporting popular email providers. No need to imagine the difficulties that will be facing because DeBounce ensures integration in WordPress is a very easy task.

  1. Syntax EliminatorThis feature can be used to get rid of email addresses or recipients with invalid syntax. By getting rid of invalid emails, you automatically kick out spammers. This feature also works on the integrated website so that your concerns about the absence of the Syntax Eliminator on the registration page can be removed.

    4. Minimize Bouncing

    It is a fact that there are millions of spammers who use expired domains. DeBounce creates a unique combination of SMTP web tools and their algorithms which collaborates between the two to minimize the bounce of email tools. The SMTP algorithm ensures that invalid emails will be deleted by themselves and they cannot register again (for new accounts).

  2. Domain confirmation toolThis feature can run multiple scans on top-level domains thereby avoiding your platform from disturbing expired domains. This tool can also detect what is called a “parked domain”.

    With the above features, there is no doubt that DeBounce is the best email verifier, at least until now.

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