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7 ways to instantly make your emails more engaging to new and existing customers

No matter how you slice it, email is still the king of communication for businesses.

The ability to reach customers anywhere? Check.

Looking to reach thousands of customers with a single message? Double-check.

Want to talk to people without being restricted by an algorithm? Yep, that too.

Even so, succeeding with email is an ongoing battle to improving your click-through rates. With inboxes growing with fuller and fuller, it’s crucial to understand what exactly makes an engaging email these days.

To help you sort it out, consider the following list of strategies to make your emails more enticing to readers. Whether it’s for outreach or sales, any combination of these tips is fair game.

Embed Video Previews into Your Emails

Video content is experiencing an unparalleled boom in popularity right now, representing the most-engaged type of content on social media and the web at large.

So how can email marketers get on board?

Well, many businesses don’t actually embed video into their emails for a few reasons. For starters, video playback is not supported by all email clients. Additionally, doing so isn’t exactly friendly to mobile users and requires some technical know-how to boot.

The workaround? Embed static email previews with a “play” button that links out to your video. As highlighted by recent email marketing statistics, video embeds in email can score 96.38% more clicks. How’s that for a click-through rate?

Incorporate Animated Gifs

Anything you can do to catch the eyes of your readers is a point in your favor. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to do so is through animations. Motion in your email can help stop readers in their tracks and definitely adds some personality to your messages.

Want to draw attention to a call-to-action? Animations can make it happen. You can check out some animated email examples to get a better idea of how to engage readers with .gifs

Personalize Your Email Signature

Speaking of personality, businesses should consider how they can make their messages sound like they’re coming from an actual person as opposed to being blasted by a list.

A simple way to do just that is through a signature that highlights the flesh-and-blood sender behind the message. For example, this email signature generator by Hubspot allows you to add in elements such as a headshot, quote and social channels to make your messages seem more human.

Trim the Fat in Your Messages

Although there’s always debate on the topic, shorter is typically better when deciding the best length for an email.

And if you think about it, this makes perfect sense. Many people are reading on mobile and have short attention spans anyway. Sifting through a wall of text just isn’t going to happen no matter who your audience is.

As a result, strive to say what you need to say in ~100 words and edit your messages accordingly. If nothing else, shorter messages are worth experimenting with. Keeping your messages on the shorter side means it’s harder to miss your CTA and there’s loss worry about losing your reader’s attention.

Sneak Some Power Words into Your Subject Lines

Subject lines are the barrier to entry for your email messages and therefore need to pack a serious punch. Considering you only have a few words to work with, every syllable obviously has to count.

Some key power words and phrases for email subject lines that create a sense of curiosity include..

  • Insane
  • Be the first
  • Insider
  • Unlock
  • Secrets

Pay Attention to Your Second Subject Line

This is a quick tip, but definitely something worth mentioning.

Don’t neglect your “second subject line,” which is a snippet of text that pops up alongside your email’s subject line (oftentimes your first line). This is valuable real estate and as yet another way to encourage your subscribers to keep reading. Preview your messages before hitting “send” to see what you second subject looks like.

Use Color to Compel Your Readers

Much like you can use .gifs to get readers to stop and read, color can do the same for increasing conversions. For example, your call-to-action needs to can’t-miss: clashing and bold colors (think: bright green, red or orange) are going to stand out versus plain text. When in doubt, make it stand out.

The more engaging your emails, the more likely you are to score precious clicks and conversions. With so many potential messages and campaigns to send, having a diverse range of tactics to grab your reader’s attention is always a plus. Experiment with the tips above to maximize your engagement rate and give your subscribers something to look forward to.

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