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Designing your workplace for better lift table safety

In the existing market, the competition for skilled labor is extremely high. Every company is trying to get an edge as far as attracting the best employees is concerned and since workplace safety matters to most potential employees, taking steps to ensure that you provide a safe work environment will play a significant role in helping you to attract the most skilled workers to your company.

Lift tables are easy to operate and come with a ton of safety features that are designed to avoid catastrophic accidents. However, this does not mean that lift table-related accidents do not occur. Cases of heavy loads falling on employees or of property getting damaged due to malfunctioning lift tables, or of careless or poorly trained employees, exist.

The good news is that these accidents are easy to avoid. Making simple design changes in the work area can minimize the risks of employee injury and boost your company’s employee safety score. Here are some of the simple changes that will go a long way in keeping your employees safer.

Stable solid ground for lift table operation

The first thing that you should is to ensure that areas, where lift tables are used, are both stable and flat. This will guarantee the stability of the lift table. It will reduce the risks of heavy loads, or even employees, slipping off.

However, flat and stable surfaces are not just good for ensuring that employees are safe. They are also good for the lift tables. This is because operating a lift table on a flat surface ensures a better distribution of weight throughout its system, something that usually reduces the risks of premature wear and tear.

Clear marks and signs

Secondly, mark out areas that are commonly used for lift table related operations. If you can find convenient spaces that are located away from heavy employee traffic, that will be even better.

Clear signs and marks on the workspace will ensure that employees are aware that they are entering areas where lift tables are likely to be used. They can then exercise greater care and caution when passing near the lift tables. This will not only limit the risk of workplace injury, in case of a malfunction or accident, but it will also keep employees from tripping on the equipment.

If you are using lift tables that in a fixed position, you can also create physical barriers. Simple railings that cordon off the areas of operation will automatically reduce the risks of employee injuries. This is because it will keep any unsuspecting employees from entering the area where heavy loads are being handled. And since it minimizes the flow of traffic to these areas, the risks of employees getting crushed in case of an accident will be minimal.

Ample working space

Lift tables come in different sizes. Depending on customizations, they can also handle different loads.

To minimize the risks of accidents, it is always advisable that you ensure that there is enough space to comfortably operate your lift table.

If you need extra height on your lift table and decide that you want to go for Customized Lift Tables, make sure that your building provides for extra overhead space. This will prevent the risk of the lift table’s motion getting compromised, something that may then causes the load being lifted to fall off. Ensuring that your employees have enough room and space when working with the lift table will also minimize employee-related mistakes that might end up making your workplace unsafe.

Making these simple changes will go a long way towards guaranteeing an injury-free working environment. This will lead to better employee satisfaction, and fewer off-days due to injury. It will also be good for your bottom line as it will minimize the risks of the costs and headaches associated with injury-related lawsuits.

Furthermore, it will build your company’s reputation as having a great working environment. It will show that you care about your employees and will thus give you an edge in terms of attracting the best people into your organization

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