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Different digital business cards

We have designed and printed a few hundred business cards over the last few years, for CEOS of companies, gardeners, lawyers, musicians, actors, photographers for any profession you can think of. Large companies, freelancers, individuals. It doesn’t matter. Everyone wants the same when looking to print business cards: Be listened to carefully and advised, get good service, and quickly receive business cards that stop those who look at them, touch them carefully, and keep them carefully.

If you want that too, you’ve come to the right place. In order to assist you in the best way we ask you to fill out the form, so we can devote the necessary time to your query.

Paper Types for Business Cards

We work with many types of paper for your personal cards. This is just a tiny sample. You ask and we will advise you on what you need.

What Types of Business Cards do we make?

In Ecocard we make many different types of personal cards. Do you want some plastic cards in matte or gloss of those elegant and with a silky touch? No problem. Do you want some cards with rounded corners? Great. Do you want some business cards with a gold or silver print? Ask for it. Perhaps you want some original business cards with strange papers, those rough ones or those silky ones, those that look like cardboard or those that when you see them you want to swipe to see what the hell they are made of? No problem, in our printing we make many types of digital business card, and if we do not, we will recommend “ecocard.io” a digital business card making company that can do what you are looking for.

Digital Printing

The printing of business cards on digital printers is faster and cheaper for small runs (for a few units), and the quality they get today is absolutely spectacular.

A digital printing press is the solution for most jobs. We work with the latest technology in the market.

This is what we Get with Digital Card Printing:

  • Speed. Even in 24 hours
  • High quality. (If you think they are not good quality, you are wrong)
  • Reduced price if you make few units
  • Higher price if you make many units
  • Less thick paper (Up to 350 gr), although we can make multilayer
  • Exact color cannot be reproduced on demand
  • Digital printers accept a smaller variety of papers

Offset Printing

Offset printing is the traditional one, those large machines that need one or more workers to work. With offset printing you work and charge for the number of inks that are used and the highest possible quality is achieved with one print. Our machines are the best of the best, the best of the best.

This is what we Get with offset card Printing:

  • Moderate speed It can take between 24 h and 5 days
  • Maximum quality
  • Unit price greatly reduced if you make many units
  • Very expensive if you make few units
  • Maximum paper thickness (Up to 400 grams or more)
  • It works with all market papers

About EkoQRD

Our specialty is to make high quality business cards. Fortunately for you, with us you will not be able to make the typical fast copy cards, those cards that you and I know are printed on a thin and bad paper and with a low-quality ink.

We are specialized in good business cards, with large name papers, with prints made in our latest technology machines, both digital and Offset. If you want some business cards that honor the essence and quality of your brand, then we will find the paper you need among our sample of papers, you just have to come see us.

The printing of personal cards is a world in itself, and we try to go deeper and deeper into it because we are sure that a good presentation is key for anyone to make the best possible impression at an initial contact.

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