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Business presentations how to nail it

Around 70% entrepreneurs think that presentation skills are what makes you successful in the field of business. Business presentations are all about giving out your message loud and clear. However, sometimes things might not go as expected. Business presentations can fail if the presenter is nervous, lacks confidence or isn’t prepared. They can also go wrong if the material in the presentation is not top notch.

In order to nail a business presentation and hit the bull’s eye, the presenter needs to be confident and ready. There are other factors too that decide the outcome of a presentation such as the environment created by the presenter, how much did he connected with the listeners, how effectively did he conveyed his point etc.

Here are some tips on how to nail a business presentation:

Visual Aids

Using visual aids in your presentation is like giving hands and limbs to your presentation. Utilizing visuals is fruitful because our brains process it 60,000 times faster compared to text. It does more than half of work for you. Using videos, pictures, info graphics can help you a great deal in making your audience understand your point and also save you a great deal of time while doing so.

Info graphics are very effective as they are considered to be a great way to present information, data and facts in a very simple form and also helps to spread your message towards the audience easily.

Some presentations are tending to be boring. Utilizing visual elements in such presentations is a wise choice as they can help keep the audience occupied even if the subject is boring.

Connect With Your Audience By Being Organized

If you are giving a presentation in a business environment then you need to be organized and well prepared. To make your presentation more engaging and interesting, you can ask questions in between and include famous quotes in your presentations too. Back up your argument with good examples and also be ready for any incoming questions from the audience’s side.

Body Language

One of the most neglected things in a presentation is the wrong use of body language. The speaker must know how and when to use his hands, when to make eye contact and most importantly, how to connect to the audience.

According to many successful speakers, it is said that 55% job in a presentation is done by your body language. If you are standing in position and complete your presentation in that very position that isn’t considered to be a good thing.

  • Hand Gestures: Be conscious about your hand gestures as they might offend someone in the audience without you even knowing it. In a state of nervousness, you might point a finger towards someone unintentionally, this might seem rude or obscene to the audience. So make sure to use your hands properly.
  • Eye Contact: If a speaker is avoiding making an eye contact with the audience most of the time during his presentation then it will disengage the audience and people will get bored.
  • Making an eye contact while proving your point keeps your listener hooked and active. Sometimes, it even acts as a threatening technique and prevents people from getting distracted towards other things.
  • Appearance: There’s no explanation needed for the fact that you need to dress up as a respectable business person who wants to do some business talk. If you happen to walk-in in a factory outfit then of course it will raise some eyebrows and promote distraction and give off unprofessional vibes. Make sure you are in your business attire, and your shoes look neat and clean.

Know Your Technology

There’s no doubt about the fact that our businesses are running due to the many inventions in technologies. We have computers, mics, speakers, projectors and other equipments through which we can amplify our voice so that it reaches around the corners of the hall or meeting rooms. You need to be familiar with the technologies you’d be using such as the Powerpoint, using the projector, running and stopping slides. If you are very good at speaking but don’t know how to handle the content of your presentation then it will give a bad impression. You can also use to have everything readymade.

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