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DIY: Preparing Your BMW for a Winter Season

BMW for Winter
Photo by Luukas Ruus on Unsplash

Winter is a time when BMW drivers have to ensure their car is fully prepared to withstand the cold temperatures. When preparing your BMW, you don’t just protect it from the harsh cold months, but you also lengthen its lifetime. Today, the lllparts.co.uk specialist team will guide you through the most critical steps that will help you prepare a BMW car for winter.

Check and Replace Antifreeze

The preparation process of your BMW should start with checking the antifreeze level and its freezing point. Coolant, commonly referred to as antifreeze, is essential in avoiding engine overheating during the driving process. Despite that, cold temperatures could freeze the liquid if not designed to be used in cold weather. Check the antifreeze levels and ensure they are not expired and suitable for cold. Change an old antifreeze that suits BMW engines, if needed.

Inspect the Battery

Car batteries have difficulty withstanding cold weather. Check your BMW’s battery for any visible signs of wear or corrosion. Ensure the battery terminals are tight and clean. If your battery is over three years old, you should do a test to check whether the battery can charge. Specialists recommend using an original BMW battery. Like all other original bmw parts, the batteries of this manufacturer are also more durable, which ensures better durability and performance during the winter. Remember, when replacing BMW’s battery, some coding must be done to complete the replacement correctly. Usually, coding can be quickly done in any BMW service.

Replace winter tires

Winter tires are one of the most essential aspects of preparing a car for winter. Above all, it ensures comprehensive security, which should always be a top priority. Many people think that winter tires provide good grip only on snow or ice. However, winter tires are also superior when the road is dry but the temperature is low outside. This is because winter tires are made of softer rubber that is less affected by low temperatures.

BMW for Winter
Photo by Luukas Ruus on Unsplash

Replace the wiper blades and refill the wiper fluid.

Winter driving requires visibility. Ensure clear visibility during snow and rain, and change your worn wiper blades to new ones. Additionally, LLLParts specialists recommend filling the window fluid tank with a fluid especially adapted for low temperatures. If summer window washer fluid is left in the tank, it should be used up immediately.

Check Heating and Defrosting Systems

Usually, heating systems include heated seats, which provide additional comfort, but also heating of windows and mirrors. In winter, this is very important because it ensures better visibility. It is important to mention that any failure of heating systems should be eliminated before the onset of winter.


According to the LLLParts specialists, If you follow these steps, your BMW will be ready for winter. Using the right BMW parts and accessories will ensure your car runs smoothly and safely during the cold season. Keep in mind that preparation is crucial to a smooth winter driving experience.

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