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How to Sorn a Car

Sorn a Car
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If you no longer drive a vehicle but just have it parked away in your garage, it’s likely that the eyesore is taking up a lot of precious space. In fact, you may even be paying to keep it there through taxes. You can avoid this by having a completely sorn car. If you no longer drive a car, it’s the best time to go through this option and avoid paying taxes. This way, you can save some money.

Meaning of Sorn

This stands for statutory off-road notification. The meaning behind it is to warn the driver and the vehicle agency that you own a vehicle which is Off-Road. SORN registration states that you can’t drive that vehicle on the road.

Advantages of Sorn

If your car is SORN-registered, you do not have to worry about paying taxes and insurance for the vehicle, effectively saving hundreds of pounds per year. Furthermore, if you have your vehicle, you will get back the taxes you paid before. It may take all of the responsibilities such as Theft, Fire, and the third party or you might get a refund on the part which’s missing as well.

When You Need to Sorn Your Vehicle

You need a SORN registration for your vehicle if you are living in the UK and have parked it (not on a public road). Whether you are repairing a car or it has gotten old, it does not matter. You will even need a SORN registration if your car is not insured or you are not paying taxes. Regardless, if you are going to buy a car, you need to sorn a scrap car that you are not driving. If you bought a vehicle with a SORN registration from the first owner, you will also have to register the SORN because you can’t transfer it. If you will be parking your car on private land for a year, you should first make note of that day because you will need a new SORN registration which will not expire under a year.

In some conditions, motor traders won’t need to sorn a vehicle. You need to visit the website for the UK Government and learn how to sorn a vehicle. You can also check the status of Sorn declaration from this website.

In which circumstances do you need to sorn car off-road:

  1. When you are buying a car that has a SORN registration.
  2. If you are insuring a car or unable to pay taxes
  3. If you cannot pay tax immediately
  4. If you sorn a scrap car and want to sell parts

Applying for a Sorn

Here are some ways you can make a SORN declaration:

  • Applying online with GOV.UK
  • Contact on 0300 123 4321 or 0300 790 6201
  • Posting an application to the DVLA v890form

If you have not yet registered, you can apply through the post as a keeper of the vehicle. You also have to send a part of your log book (V5C) with your application. If you are a registered keeper, you can send an online application as well. On the letter, you have to add a reference number which is 16 digits. This will go with your tax renewal letter (V11) or you can also share the reference number with the 11 digits available in the log book. The SORN will be valid till you export, scrap, or start paying taxes for your vehicle. This way, you do not have to renew your sorn declaration.

Getting the vehicle back on the road

On the off chance that you have registered for SORN and want to get back in the driver’s seat once more, you’ll have to safeguard and pay the tax for the vehicle. You’ll need to ensure the vehicle has an exceptional MOT. These are for the most part legal requirements to have a vehicle out of the parking and ready to drive on the roads of the UK.

You terminate SORN when you apply for your vehicle tax utilizing your V5C. You are then able to take your vehicle back out on the roads once you have the insurance of the vehicle all setup.


Your status of statutory off-road notification of your car will be available by DVLA four weeks after you have submitted the form. You will receive a confirmation letter if you have applied by phone or post, and if you have filled out an online form then you will receive an email.

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