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Does Keyword Golden Ratio Work?

Keyword Golden Ratio is a way used to find underserved keywords on the internet. This ratio is calculated by dividing the keyword phrase that appears in the title with the monthly search volume. It looks for cases where the search volume is less than 250. This technique is used in order to get content to rank quickly on search engines.

The internet space is getting larger by the day and the competition to rank has gotten tighter. It is even more difficult with those who are just getting into the SEO business. Although Keyword Golden Ratio is not magic as it still requires you create engaging contents that your readers would resonate with, however, it works. 

By using the keyword golden ratio phrase, you can get your article to rank among the top 50 articles within a few days or hours. However, your website authority and the years you’ve been using the site would determine ranking. 

There are various benefits of using keyword golden ratio as it has different functions that it helps you achieve both with your website and the article. 

  • Increase In Traffic 

Gaining traffic to your website is important in order to increase sales, authority and general engagement on your page. This is getting more complicated to achieve with the number of articles out on the internet. 

However, with keyword golden ratio, you can increase the traffic of your website by a whole 800%. This is what can be achieved within a year as it would improve the revenue of the site by helping it rank on Google.

  • Requires No Backlinks

In order to gain traffic on the internet, backlinking is one of the sure to go about it. However, the keyword golden ratio phrase highlights keywords that have less competition. On discovering these keywords that have less than 250 volume search, you do not have to worry about backlinking as you can rank well on Google without it. 

  • Early Wins

Managing a new website requires serious commitment, consistency and the right resources. Many people who go through this process often have to easily quit this process as it is frustrating especially because ranking takes time. However, keyword golden ratio is a good motivation for people in such categories as they can see their content rank fairly well on search engines within a relatively short time. 

  • Sets Priority 

By using keyword golden ratio, you can set your priority as regards the keywords you should focus on. It helps you to narrow down the ones that are relevant and less than 250 search volume. This way you can set your priorities concerning the keywords that you should optimise your content for in order to rank well.  

  • Quality Data

This process is a manual one that allows you to have access to quality data about keywords that are underserved on the internet. With Keyword Golden Ratio, you have quality data that most people cannot get easily. This is what gives you an edge over your competitors and helps you rank fast. 

Benjamin Ortiz is a digital marketing expert. He currently runs an SEO agency Serp Strike and a survival gear review blog Survival Gear Guide . You can contact him via okorobenjamin95[@]gmail .com or Authority Guest Post .

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