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The Top 4 Benefits of VPS Hosting for SEO

The hosting provider’s effect on a website’s capacity to rank well or poorly is a topic that’s often mistakenly disregarded when talking about SEO. The truth is that the choice of web hosting, in addition to numerous other variables, directly affects your search engine optimization strategies. In today’s article, we will look specifically at VPS hosting and how it impacts your site’s SEO. 

VPS is a hosting method where multiple websites use a single server. However, virtual, isolated servers are built for each website using server virtualization and hypervisors. Each virtual server simulates the environment of a dedicated server because they are independent of one another. Therefore, it offers a stable server environment for your website with increased performance and security.

Below, you can find out the specific benefits of VPS hosting for search engine optimization. 

Benefits of VPS Hosting for SEO
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Because an IP address is assigned to a server rather than a specific website, all websites using shared hosting must share the same IP address. Say, for example, that a website on your server sends spam or phishing attack links to users. Search engines know this, and the most frequent response is blocking the IP address. In other words, search engines will ban every site on a server, not just the bad ones. However, in a VPS environment, each website operates as an individual server and has different IP addresses, preventing the issue of search engine blacklisting from happening.

In addition, because shared hosting settings only have one directory, if a hacker were to access one website, the security of every other website on that server would be in jeopardy. This never occurs with VPS hosting because of the environment’s infrastructure. As a result, the threat to a certain website is isolated and has no bearing on any other websites running on the server.


Website users don’t like it when search engines direct them to a broken website. As a result, reliability is one of the most important factors search engine algorithms take into account. The unit used to gauge reliability is called uptime and it’s typically given as a percentage. So, if you get SEO VPS hosting, you may anticipate more than 99.99% uptime. 

VPS is inherently dependable given that websites are contained within a server. When there is no isolation, one website’s activity may negatively affect other websites on the server. Website isolation ensures that other websites won’t adversely affect your website on the server.

Improved Loading Times

Speed can greatly impact your results because it’s one of the known SEO variables. For instance, one in four visitors would abandon the website if it takes four or more seconds to load. Numerous factors affect a website’s speed, but the choice of hosting is where it all begins. 

The type of hosting directly impacts how long it takes for your website to load.  

One of the primary problems with shared hosting is that if one website uses a lot of resources, it could slow down the server’s other websites. However, because you have a distinct IP address, the VPS hosting server makes sure that no other websites can interfere with your designated area of the server. Additionally, several VPS hosting packages use SSD storage devices on their servers, which have a better read/write capability than conventional HDD storage.

Root Access

“Root access” refers to a username in a Linux server. The root user is granted the most power and access to the system and is presumed to be the system administrator. Web hosting providers cannot provide root access in hosting models where several websites share a single server since there is only one level playing field because the changes performed with root access may negatively affect other websites.

But with a VPS, you effectively have your own little server so, you get full root access. To enhance the security and functionality of your website, you can modify the server’s ports, install server-wide apps and third-party security tools, and more.

Benefits of VPS Hosting for SEO
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Final Thoughts

VPS is a potent hosting method that offers performance similar to dedicated hosting at a fraction of the cost. In addition to being a reliable hosting solution that can easily handle heavy traffic and power dynamic websites, VPS is also very beneficial for a website that needs to improve its search engine optimization. Some major benefits of VPS for SEO include greater uptime score, faster loading times, root access, and advanced security.

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