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SEO company expert advice Googles new job search feature

Google For Jobs is a new type of search on Google to help recruiters and candidates. I spoke with Matthew Kirkman from Grapefruit Digital and SEO Services Company based in London who filled me in with some key features that you will need to know. This is what he told me.

Job listings not appearing in search results

The most obvious and common problem that recruiters will face with the new service is that the job listings may not appear in the search results at all.

Google recommends: 

Validate the markup used on the job listings usings the Structured Data Testing Tool.

Checking the sitemap for errors.

Running Google’s Rich Cards Report in the search console.

Google For Jobs – Safe practices for publishers

Job Posting Markup.

Use JSON  rather than Microdata markup if you can help it but at all costs avoid using both, especially on the same page.

ONLY use the job posting markup on the actual pages that give details about each individual job. Never use markup on pages that index job listings.

Markup has to be used on all pages that details the jobs – even if separate job detail pages exist for mobile and desktop users.

Website Sitemap

Index pages that simply list the jobs should not be included in the sitemap, but if you really want to include such pages, it’s even more important that they don’t have any job posting markup. No links that include parameters should be included in the sitemap. If for any reason the website no longer contains job postings, it’s very important that any empty sitemap is picked up by google rather than no sitemap or a sitemap that is populated with no job listings. Google should be presented with an empty sitemap for at least 24 hours.

Google Content Policy & Data Quality Guidelines

Review the Google Content policies for job listings and the structured data quality guidelines otherwise you may receive a manual action notification for violating content or data quality guidelines.

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