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Does your business need an IT support provider

IT support is a great way to provide peace of mind for your business. Netzen offer network support, server support, and desktop support, to make sure that your businesses IT needs are always met.

Since 2005, Netzen has been offering their IT support services to businesses across Newbury and the surrounding areas. Their engineers are experienced with Linux, Windows and Mac Desktops and Server, and hold the relevant Microsoft /Linux certificates needed. IT support provider Netzen provide IT support contracts for small to medium businesses with between 5 and 250 employees in the Newbury area. They offer a complete range of professional services and IT tech support.  They offer a fixed price for their IT support, the same monthly fee no matter how regularly your business requires IT support service. There’s also unlimited telephone support, and remote support provided by a quick remote login software making it easier to fix any faults as quickly as possible; they’re able to fix issues from the desktop which avoids having to wait for assistance. They provide server monitoring, to proactively fix problems before they arise, and daily backup monitoring. Netzen offers a fast response time and has a range of Service Level Agreements to ensure a response within an agreed time frame. Their technicians are trained with extensive operating system knowledge, ensuring they’re able to work with all PC or Server platforms and have a multitude of Microsoft and Linux certifications to ensure your IT infrastructure is in the best hands. Registered with Dell Partners, they’re also able to offer great prices on new hardware with warranty support.

Netzen offers IT support services, such as Microsoft Office 365, Azure, and other cloud platform management and provisioning. They also offer custom website design that can increase your business’s online presence, high speed dedicated leased line or fibre internet services, VPN and remote worker systems, meaning that your employees are able to work anywhere they’ve got an internet connection keeping your business as productive as possible. They offer their customers on-site support for data centre work, and files on your own dedicated private server, altered for your specifications.  Along with instant remote IT support, Netzen can also provide technical support services for smartphones and tablets, making any technical difficulty you may have easily solved. Netzen doesn’t believe in the ‘one size fits all’ approach, so their IT support contracts are tailored and customised for your businesses specific requirements and business model to be exactly what you need. Depending on what services are required, Netzen can provide you with committed technical consultations, providing all technical support that your business network, servers, PCs and laptops require. Their prices are also amongst the most competitive on the market in Newbury, starting as little as £10 per PC.

IT service providers such as Netzen will flex and adapt to your businesses evolving needs by offering a complete range of IT services, from managed cloud servers to website design, development and SEO.

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