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Effective ways to boost your conversion rate

You have found ways to increase traffic and are getting visitors to your site but your job is far from done. Now you need to ensure they convert. The conversion rate tends to refer to sales – but it can also be any other KPIs you have set as a business. This might be downloads, requests, sign-ups, upgrades – a whole number of indicators against which you can judge performance.

Now you know you need to boost conversion rates but how are you going to do it? Here are a few effective ways:

Optimise product pages: potential customers must land on your product pages before they can buy from you and once there, need to have all the information they require in order to make a decision. This is why it is important to optimise the product pages. Start with the URL – to encourage customers to click through in the first place – and ensure it is clear where the link is going to take you.

Secondly, consider your product title carefully – this should be SEO-friendly but not over optimised. The same goes for the content on the page. Finally, this also means ensuring that you have high-quality images that show your product from various angles – including someone actually wearing it if it’s clothing or accessories.

Update your content: the product description is incredibly important when it comes to conversion rates. While it should include your keywords you also want each one to be unique – to further increase your chances of ranking. Alongside this, it must be engaging and informative.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at Firebox – these product descriptions do the above really well and are in line with their specific tone of voice. Ensuring all these elements are within a short piece of content can be tricky. It is worth investing in the service of expert copywriters such as Conversion Gods who have the skills to write content that will convert your traffic.

Make it easy: it is important that buying for you is simple and can be done in as few clicks as possible. Make sure you are always telling the customer what they need to do next and without too many options that will complicate things.

Provide proof: sometimes all we need is to hear that someone else has purchased the product and how it has benefitted them. This is why it is worth including reviews. It tells the customer why they should buy from you but it is coming from a credible source.

Offer incentives: why should the customer take action right now? There are two main ways to do this. One is to let them know if the product is running low or if the time left to buy is running out – although it is important that these numbers are genuine. You may also want to offer free shipping, a discount or a free gift.

Make your USP clear: what makes you different from your competition? What is unique about your company, product or service? Once you have determined this, how would you describe it in a few words? Once you know what it is – make sure you communicate this effectively within a sentence on your website. Customers want to know why they should buy from you before they do.

There are many different ways to boost your conversion rate but start with the above. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference some of the seemingly simple steps can make.

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