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Email Deliverability for Big Companies

It can be frustrating to write compelling email copies for hours only to discover later that they failed to reach the intended recipient. This means that aside from looking for ways to create perfect copies, you also need to understand email deliverability.

When your emails are delivered successfully, it is referred to as email deliverability. This success may not be achieved sometimes due to the issues that may arise from the backends, which are not evident to you. This is why you need to know the steps to ensure your cold emails are delivered. In this article, we’ll discuss the concept of email deliverability, its importance, and how it can be improved to avoid wasting your efforts.

Email Deliverability

From email deliverability case studies, it has been discovered that not all emails are delivered. Some are flagged as spam or blocked by the Email Service Provider (ESP). Email deliverability is when your email gets to the recipient’s inbox successfully without any of these issues.

Every email must go through the spam filters that the ESP has created before reaching its destination. These spam filters have different stages. Once the electronic mail meets the criteria of the filters, it will be delivered to the recipient’s inbox. But if not, they may be flagged as spam or stopped from being delivered. This is why it’s crucial to discuss the different ways spam filters can stop your cold email from achieving its goal.

Importance of Email deliverability

If you want success for your outreach campaign, you need to know the significance of email deliverability.  When the email deliverability rate is high, your recipients will receive your email campaign in their inboxes. If the rate is low, you may persistently experience issues that can have several negative impacts, including domain or IP address blocklisting and damaged reputation. 

Nonetheless, if your email deliverability is good, you will enjoy several benefits. These include improved email reputation, increased audience engagement, and increased daily sending limits. 

5 Ways to Improve Email Deliverability

As a big company that requires consistent, successful outreach campaigns, you can handle email deliverability lightly. You must ensure that your emails end up in users’ inboxes and not their spam folders. Below are ways you can achieve this:

1. Check the reputation score

Your reputation score matters when it comes to email deliverability. If it is poor, your outreach campaigns may not reach their destinations (users’ inboxes, not spam). A good reputation score starts at 80. But if it falls below 70, it means you must repair it. Sender Score is one of the tools you can use to check your reputation score.

2. Clean the email subscriber list regularly

You need to clean your email list to improve email deliverability. There are invalid subscribers who don’t engage with your outreach campaigns. They may damage your reputation if you don’t scrub them out of your email list.

So, if there are subscribers who lack engagement, you send an email to them to let them know if they are still interested in your content. If they are not, you should remove them from the list.

3. Craft captivating subject lines

If you can engage users with your content, you will enjoy a great email marketing experience. One way to do this is to create a captivating subject line that can hook them from the start.  With an enticing subject line, your subscribers will be eager to open your mail. 

4. Use confirmed or double opt-in lists

Confirmed or double opt-in lists can improve your email marketing deliverability rate. They are designed to know if your subscribers are still interested in your outreach campaigns after subscribing. With this strategy, you will know those who will stay on your email list and those to be scrubbed out.

5. Have a plan for sending outreach campaigns

Planning when you send emails will improve email deliverability for your company. You need a consistent email schedule for subscribers to know when your emails will reach them. Your email deliverability can be daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Since keeping your audience is your goal, you need to ensure that the frequency of your content is normal. Some subscribers may lose interest if there are too many emails.

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