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SMTP Gateway Service for Businesses

Email marketing is an important marketing strategy to grow your business. The choice of the right SMTP server increases your email campaign’s chance to be more powerful and effective. This article will discuss what SMTP and some of the best SMTP servers for your business are.

What is SMTP?

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, a TCP/IP protocol used by professionals and free SMTP servers to send and receive messages, notifications and invites on the web. These SMTP servers are configured in a way that your marketing emails reach users’ inbox and not their junk mail folder. It is properly authenticated to increase the possibility of your emails directly delivered to the user’s inbox.

SMTP Gateway is an SMTP server that can be used for two purposes:

  • As a backup email server – When the primary server is unavailable, emails are delivered to the backup server.
  • Load balancing for outbound messages- used to send outbound messages on internet.

 Let’s have a look top 3 SMTP service providers in the market that come with high deliverability and best set of features:

1. SendinBlue 

Having qualities that offer transactional emails, email marketing, SMS marketing and live chat, makes it a powerful SMTP service provider. It is the best SMTP provider for transactional emails that works beautifully with third-party platforms like Google Analytics as well as with WordPress. It can be configured and personalized in a way to automate marketing campaigns. It keeps track of the previous mails in history and allows you to view the sent emails, openings, clicks, hard bounces, and other related information. Transactional emails include email for account creation, order confirmation emails, password recovery emails, and non-promotional emails. Its API and SMTP Relay service can be integrated easily with the website and improves email delivery.

2. Mailgun

Designed especially for developers, Mailgun comes with powerful APIs that help businesses send/track their customers’ transactional emails effortlessly. Its API can be integrated with the eCommerce website where a transaction is taking place. SMTP services of Mailgun can be scaled to send marketing emails from a membership website and a small business website. Its free plan sends an adequate number of emails and is enough for small businesses to run their campaign.

3. Amazon SES

A leader in cloud computing infrastructure, Amazon offers Simple Email Service as an add-on to their email web services. Its cloud-based SMTP service allows you to send notifications, marketing, and transactional emails easily. It is cost-effective and suitable for both small businesses and advanced users & programmers. It comes with plugins that can be easily integrated into the website. You can use Amazon’s free tier to send 62,000 emails monthly if your website is hosted on AWS.


Gateway is ideal for Exchange and other SMTP servers and does not require any hardware, software, or maintenance. It acts as a backup server where your mail is held if your primary mail server or Internet connectivity fails. smtp gateway enables users to send and receive emails when your regular SMTP server does not work. It allows SMTP forwarding when you are having trouble sending emails from multiple locations.

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