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Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Casinos

Mobile Casinos
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The thrill of the casino is at your fingertips. It sounds like a dream come true, but it’s reality. The presence of online and mobile casinos has exploded in recent years. There’s an overwhelming amount of options for a newcomer. We’ll give you an overview of everything you need to know about your average mobile casino app.

Check Your Local Laws

Casinos aren’t legal everywhere, and the same is true for mobile casino platforms. Check your local laws about mobile casinos. If it’s legally allowed, then you can play without worrying. Nothing ruins a fun time more than arguing with the law.

Norwegian Laws

Norwegian gambling laws are strict and monopolized. Norway has no licensing system currently in place. This means that private companies can’t function in the Norwegian market. This law is virtually unenforceable, however, due to the remote operations of these private companies. This allows directories like Norske Nettcasino to provide you with information.

That doesn’t change that Norway has a government-controlled monopoly on casino play. Norway has held the control of gaming since 1927. Slot machines have been especially scrutinized. Online slots have only recently resurfaced as of 2018 under Norsk Tipping’s supervision. Norsk Tipping has recently launched ten online slots with the Scientific Games company.

Current legislation is in the process of overturning this, according to the Times of Malta. There are also legal options in the form of Norsk Riksoto or Norsk Tipping, which cover horse racing and general casino games that are not slot machines, respectively.

Find a Site

When looking for a casino app, there are dozens of possible websites to use. Start with a directory site for Norwegian casinos. Directory sites will always give you a reputable list of casino websites. These sites will always inform you of the licenses of casinos. The directory mentioned above will also give you a list of pros and cons for each app.

If you’re still unsure, check out our expert Nina Olsenberg’s work on casinos and iGaming here.

Choose a Casino

This step can easily overwhelm the unprepared. The list of mobile casino apps is massive and confusing at first glance. There are some key features you should look for before playing.


Make sure that the games list shows a good variety of games. If you have a favourite casino game, you can narrow down your search based on what casinos have it. While it may not seem important at first, you should always have fun. Being able to play the game you want to play is always the first step.


Whether you’re a high-roller or a safe player, it’s important to know what you’re getting into. Casinos have a minimum and a maximum required deposit system. If you want to bet high and play for high risk and high reward, then look for high maximum required deposits. If you’re looking for a casual game, you can find casinos that deposit for as low as 10 Krones. This information is readily available at most casinos before entering.


A smart player will always be looking for a deal. Many casinos offer welcome bonuses to the player when you first sign in. A good casino will offer a high welcome bonus and other deals. The bonus can range anywhere between 1,000 and 20,000 but will often also include free spins for slot machines. Picking a casino that offers bonuses you like is key to playing smart.


Online casinos can be plagued with similar problems as physical casinos. When something breaks or goes wrong, it’s important to have support. The best casinos will offer the player a 24/7 support service. This support service should be dedicated to assisting the player and fixing issues.

Ease of Withdrawal

When all is said and done and you wish to collect your Krones, ease of use becomes important. Ensure before you deposit that it’s just as easy to withdraw. Online casinos will be cautious with their funds. Some sites will try to deter you from withdrawing by making the process difficult. Be cautious of scams and scammers when playing at an online casino with real money.


Professional reviews have more depth than typical reviews. A professional review will detail the positives, negatives, and any features that are important to you as a consumer.


Now you know how to find a good online casino from laws to preferences. Enjoy yourself and play responsibly.

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