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Is the growth of mobile casinos a good trend

Mobile Casino has been reaching new heights in the last couple of years. Mobile casino gaming has contributed more than 15% in these years in the gambling industry revenue. This is unexpected seeing that many gamers didn’t expect mobile casino to be this big 8 years ago. But seeing the current trend in the rise of Mobile casinos, is this a good trend?

Let’s look at what has improved due to this trend:

More Mobile Casino games:

More number of people are tuning into their smartphones for casino apps as many as 44% of casino gamers. This is evident by the number of games in a casino library. Many casinos have taken this to a new level with more than 100 mobile games in their catalog. This is possible due to the rapid technological advancement in the mobile that has to lead to such a trend. Not only the quantity but also the quality of gaming has increased significantly. There are many games where the gameplay experience is the same as a desktop. This is good for people who want to play on their phone.

Multiplayer games:

Multiplayer games don’t seem to exist a decade ago, and some of which were able didn’t bring in any excitement for the players. But with this trend, multiplayer gaming, especially in casinos, has risen to a new level with people competitive in live poker and blackjack game easily on their mobiles.

More accessible and cheap:

Previously browser consumed a lot of internet while playing online casino. Players were spending a lot more on the internet than playing the casino. However, mobile apps don’t require a large chunk of mobile data, and they are very accessible. You can download the casino app easily via the app store or play directly through your mobile browser.

Secured Payment System:

A lot of people are using phones to access casino, casinos need to use a more secure payment system which is heavily encrypted and very far from hackers. This technology has reduced the number of thefts or fraud cases in the gambling community. This has helped the gambling community attracting more players.

But there are some negatives as well, let’s look at them.

Mobile has become more addictive:

You can do almost everything with your smartphones, with the addition of mobile casino. People are becoming even more addictive to their mobile phones. This has led to the reduction in usage of desktop and console. Many experts consider this to have a damning effect especially as players can grow in debt fast as the online mobile casino is right on their fingers.

As we have seen, there are a lot of positives to mobile casino trends, but it has a major negative as well. Having said this, the positives clearly outweigh the negative, and we can easily conclude that the growth of Mobile Casino is a good trend and will bring more positives with it.

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