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Expert Tips for Buying an Air Conditioning System for Home Office Use

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Summer is right around the corner. If your home does not have a central air conditioning system, room air conditioners are a cost-effective and energy-efficient option for cooling frequently used rooms in your home. 

The number of households with air conditioning systems has increased since the COVID-19 pandemic. As a large percentage of the working population are working from home, establishing a comfortable workspace has become a priority. Here are some helpful tips you can consider before purchasing an air conditioning unit for your office at home. 

Familiarise yourself with air conditioning terms

When shopping for an air conditioning unit, here are crucial criteria that you need to remember:

  • Energy star rating. The Environmental Protection Agency established an Energy Star Rating that indicates an appliance is 10% more energy efficient than standard appliances.
  • Anti-microbial filter.  Air quality is increasingly becoming a requirement for consumers. When shopping for an air conditioning unit, request to replace the electrostatic filters with untreated electrostatic filters instead. 
  • Energy-efficient ratio. This refers to the ratio of the cooling output divided by an air conditioning unit’s energy consumption. By rule, an air conditioning system with a higher energy-efficient ratio translates into long-term savings on your energy bill.
  • BTU. This refers to the capacity of an air conditioning unit to cool an interior space. It is measured in British thermal units per hour (Btu/hr). To find the ideal BTU for your room, multiply the total square footage by ten and add 4,000. You may also refer to air conditioning service providers that operate in Brighton. Online sites such as www.sub-cool-fm.co.uk/air-conditioning-brighton/ will help you gain a clear understanding of the type of air conditioning model that best suits your needs and budget. 

Check out available rebates

Check if your local utility office offers rebates and trade-ins of older air conditioning models to more energy-efficient air conditioning units. You can save more money at the onset and reduce your overall cost for a new unit. 

Check out the noise level 

The noise generated by an air conditioning unit typically spoils the comfort it delivers. Consider the amount of noise generated by a model before making a final purchase. The noise and vibration that an air conditioning unit emits come from the compressor, the blower, and water produced at heat exchangers. 

Choose the right size for your room

To determine the right size of air conditioning unit to mode, here are a few points to consider:

  • Identify your room’s total floor area (in square meters)
  • Measure ceiling height from the floor (in feet)
  • Determine the number of windows and their respective measurements (in feet)
  • Determine the presence of insulation 
  • Get the total number of people that will be using the room 
  • Count the total number of lighting systems in the room 

If you have an old air conditioning system that is more than eight years old, it’s high time to replace it with a new unit. The amount you’ll save on energy bills over time will exceed the cost of a unit. Take your time and do your due diligence in reading online reviews before making a final purchase. 

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