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What is a free boiler grant?

A free boiler grant is cash or a voucher payment that allows you to save some money off the replacement of your boiler. Sometimes the grant could not to cover full replacement and you may be required to contribute small part of the payment, but in most cases, it is totally free.

How do I get a free boiler grant?

Free boiler grants are accessible to help households to increase their energy efficiency or pay other energy bills. The best way to get a free boiler grant is to check the right sources. Most of the UK free boiler grants go unclaimed. Lots of the free grants but not all are only available for the elderly, disabled, or low-income households.

Check the new boiler grant scheme to check if you are eligible for the free boiler scheme 2021. If you are, you can contact your local installer. Free boiler is one of the leading boiler installers that will get your job done for less than 48h. They operate on Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley, Solihull, Walsall, West Bromwich, Wolverhampton and all surrounding areas.  Contact them on 0800 612 2828.

What is the government free boiler grant?

The Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) scheme is the government’s free boiler grant. The Energy Companies Obligation was launched in 2013 as energy support for homeowners and private tenants on some benefits. The ECO scheme assists these set of people to change their old, ineffective, and damaged boilers to a new one at a completely free cost or with little part payment.

The ECO scheme is government-controlled and aims to decrease the energy consumption of households in the UK. The government obliged some of the big energy companies in the UK to ensure that they improve the energy efficiency of households in the country. They are to provide funding for those households that are disadvantaged and residing in energy-inefficient homes especially those in the rural areas.

The recent Energy Companies Obligation scheme called the ECO3 scheme was initiated on October 1, 2018. The new boiler grant scheme has launched the free boiler grants 2021 that will benefit lots of households. It is advised that you apply for the grant if you are among the eligible households.

How much can I save with the free ECO3 scheme?

The free boiler grant is available for those who are receiving some benefits. The granny often covers a new boiler to insulation. Most times, the prices of a new boiler fluctuate, but a standard and new gas boiler may cost about £2,300. This grant is therefore a great free offer to grab.

Boiler contributes a lot to your energy bills. With this free new boiler grant, you may save roughly £100 to £320 annually.

How does the free boiler 2021 work?

Qualified households will be contacted via a certified local installer within 24- 48 hours. The local installer will then visit your home for an energy evaluation and assess your benefits accounts to see if you can access the grant. You may end up saving up to £350 a year on your energy bills whilst enjoying a warm home.

What are the advantages of the ECO3 scheme?

Your household will enjoy the following advantages if you are qualified:

  • A new and free A-rated energy-efficient boiler;
  • Free installation;
  • Saving up to £350 on your annual energy bills;
  • Improved property worth.

Is there a no-win situation?

No! You must only check if you fulfill the following conditions:

  • Old, faulty, or inefficient boiler should be 7 years and above;
  • You must be a homeowner;
  • No funding for boilers that needs repair;
  • You may pay some extra cost if the installer finds out additional work is needed.

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