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Tips to Keep Your Home Safe from Every Intruder

Home security is paramount. With the rising levels of unemployment, insecurity, and population increase, home thefts have been steadily on the rise. Your home should be a haven where you get to relax and bond with family as you recharge at the end of the day. Therefore, it should offer you the safety net you need. To keep it safe from intruders use a company like vivint outdoor camera pro or you should consider the tips below.

Video Doorbells 

A video doorbell offers an excellent feature in identifying intruders at your doorstep. Imagine the convenience of seeing anyone who is at your door even when you are away. It also helps you reveal the identity seamlessly through the image and video clarity. You can also have a pre-motion recording, which is ideal in continuously recording the time before the motion sensor activation when the third party arrives. 

Additionally, some video doorbells also come with smart home integration, which is a bonus, especially if your home has Google Home for Android or Alexa Home integration for Apple users. With reliable video doorbells without a subscription, you can conveniently access your footage. It may also come as a wired or rechargeable battery, depending on your preference. 

Plus, facial recognition is also possible depending on the unit you get.

The Locks 

The locks in your home can securely protect you against third party unwanted entry. Additionally, always ensure you remember to lock the door every time you leave or enter the house. Forgetting to do so can be quite costly. Thanks to technology, you can also use a smart lock. For instance, you can consider the deadbolt option. It allows the opening and closing with the use of a code. 

For safety reasons, only give the code to the immediate members who need it. Furthermore, the locks also reflect on your windows. If not careful, open windows provide access to entry. The deadbolt on your typical door will allow you to use a lock and key on the inside when closing. On the other hand, you need the key only when opening from outside. 

CCTV Cameras 

If you value your safety and that of your loved ones, you can install CCTV cameras in your home. They give instant identification of anybody accessing your home. Plus, it offers facial recognition, which allows the local authority to track down a burglar who comes to your home. With the help of a CCTV camera, you can also stop an ongoing theft before it occurs. 

Never Show Absence 

Another great way to minimize the possibility of a burglary is to show your presence all the time at home, even when you are not. Thieves have a higher affinity to steal when they suspect homeowners are not available. Therefore, you can leave your security lights on for the nighttime. Additionally, you can also leave your curtain blinds and sheers in their typical everyday position.

Sometimes, you can also notify reliable neighbors, family, and even friends that you will be away from home. You can also instruct the daily delivery of items to your doorstep to hold off until you’re back. It eliminates a pile-up, which would be an obvious sign of your absence. 

Your Spare Key 

In some instances, your spare key’s poor location can assist burglars in gaining easy access to your home. It is normal to have a spare key for the rainy days when you lose the original key. It offers a better alternative to breaking down your door or lock to enter your home. However, when you leave the spare in obvious places like under the front door mat, near your mailbox, or even above your door, it increases the theft risk. Therefore, you can leave it with a trusted person – anything but obvious spots in front of your home. 

The Lights 

The lights of your home play an essential role in your security. Think about it, whether someone can tell there are occupants in the house during the night. It should be visible. Additionally, it reflects on your outdoor security lights as well. They should have proper illumination in all dark spots of your home. You can also use the automatic lights, setting them to turn on at a specific time in the evening and turn off at the break of dawn. It works effectively, whether you are present or not. You can also opt for the automatic light sensors, which detect motion and go on instantly. 

An alarm system is a good catch for your home security. Think about it. Perhaps you are at home, afraid to check a commotion outside, but you hear the instant sound of the alarm. It will detect any motion in your compound and warn you there is someone else around. With the above tips, your home security just got better.

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